Saturday, June 8, 2013

You Are My life

~You are my life my Destiny
the one who lives inside of me~
~The Sun the Moon the Stars above
you are my one my only Love~
~You own my Heart possess my Soul
you are what is what makes me whole~
~In all that was and all that is
you fill my life you are my Bliss~
~With every Breath in that I take
every moment I am awake~
~My Hunger grows it Longs for you
to taste your Kiss to drink your Brew~
~To feel your touch against my Skin
ignite the Passion to Burn within~
~Embrace entwine to hold you tight
until the Morning meets the Night~
~To fall asleep with Hand in Hand
you my Woman me your Man~
~I Love you more than Love can be
you are my life my all to me~
~If I should Die before I wake
you are my thought my Soul will take~
~Forever Bound two Souls as one
throughout Eternal’s Ever run~
~You are my life my Destiny
the one who lives inside of me~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is This A Dream

~A hunger burns
within my Soul~
My Heart it yearns
for you to hold~
~To hold you tight
within embrace~
~Until the Night
it meets the Day~
~To feel your breath
caress my skin~
~Your tenderness
to never end~
~I long to touch
your lips to mine~
~To know your love
in perfect rhyme~
~The Love I sought
within me burns~
~You are my thought
at every turn~
~Exciting me
my Heart it climbs~
~In ecstasies
my Body chimes~
~I hunger you
your every touch~
~To hear your Woos
to feel the rush~
~Your every word
they burn my Soul~
~Temptations stir
throughout my whole~
~Sensations swell
my body screams~
~My hunger dwells
is this a Dream~
Duke Sherman

Monday, May 20, 2013

Support Our veterans who were there for you

#TheRaj #Urgent: The House Dropped The Ruth Moore Act Without Letting It Come To A Vote #Very Important Legislation for Veterans With PTSD
Pease Call And Ask Your Representatives To Pass The #Ruth Moore Bill Now And Ask Your Friends To Do So Also    #SuipportOurVets

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Devil's Curse

~So Long ago
so far away~
~I lost my Soul
in Satan’s fray~
~I went to war
a Soldier’s plight~
~So much the horror
so many died~
~Many were friends
many were not~
~They met their ends
in Satan’s plot~
~Not all a man
but not a child~
~My Soul was dammed
my mind defiled~
~But eighteen years
I was of age~
~I did not fear
so full of rage~
~But now I dream
of all the death~
~I wake in scream
I cannot rest~
~In constant pain
my life astray~
~Am I insane
the Devil’s prey~
~I pray each night
to end this curse~
~The Devil’s bite
is all the worse~
~My every dream
filled is with horror~
~I wake in scream
still at war~
~Until one day
The Sands of Time~
~Will grant my pray
and ease my mind~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Forever More


~Come and lie here by my Side
I long to hold you through the Night~
~My Heart it aches my Soul it Burns
to know your touch my body Yearns~
~To vent the Silky of your Lips
and taste the Essence of your Kiss~
~To rest my head upon your Breast
and reap the pleasures of your Flesh~
~I long to hold you through the Night
feel your body by my Side~
~To fall to sleep and Dream of Us
side by side Embraced in Love~
~In all you are you are to Me
my every want my Fantasy~
~My Dream come true my every Wish
without exception Eternal Bliss~
~Come and lie here by my Side
and let me hold you through the Night~
~My Heart is yours my Soul is Yours
I am yours forever More~ 
Duke Sherman

Thursday, April 4, 2013



~Once upon a Dream Ago
I met a Girl she touched my Soul~
~I fell in Love my Passion Burned
for all she was my body Yearned~
~My every thought she was my Wish
my blood ran hot to taste her Kiss~
~Then one day my wish came True
in every way my Love so Grew~
~To taste her lips to touch her Face
my heartbeat skipped in sweet Embrace~
~To hold her through the all of Night
wake with her she by my Side~
~Gives my life a meaning Of
the answer to of what is Love~
~When I lay me down to Sleep
I thank my God for her my Keep~
~In all she is she is for Me
she is my Bliss my Destiny~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Out Of Hell


~Out of Hell
swarmed a Ghostly Force~
~A Fiery Swell
of the Mighty Blackhorse~
~On each their Backs 
Brave Troopers Rode~
~Eyes of Black
a Force be Told~
~In each their Hand
they wield the Sword~
~And on Command
the Fire Soared~
~Defeat us Not
that was their Cry~
~The Devil’s Lot
your Souls shall Lie~
~Your Hell on Earth
has come to Be~
~The Blackhorse Hurls
your Destiny~
~With each the Kill
imbued them Strength~
~The Killing Field
was long of Length~
~Their Hooves were Steel
the ground was Red~
~A Blood’s Ordeal
the Enemy’s Dead~
~The Odds Against
One Hundred to One~
~By Battle’s End
the Deed was Done~
~Out of Hell
came a Ghostly Force~
~They served us Well
the Mighty Blackhorse~
~Don’t tread on Us
they’ll hunt you Down~
~Take your Blood
and Churn the Ground~
~Defeat them Not
for you will Die~
~The Devil’s Lot
your Souls shall Lie~
Duke Sherman
Sgt, US Army
G-Trp 2/11 ACR
Vietnam 1971-1972
Blackhorse Trooper