Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is This A Dream

~A hunger burns
within my Soul~
My Heart it yearns
for you to hold~
~To hold you tight
within embrace~
~Until the Night
it meets the Day~
~To feel your breath
caress my skin~
~Your tenderness
to never end~
~I long to touch
your lips to mine~
~To know your love
in perfect rhyme~
~The Love I sought
within me burns~
~You are my thought
at every turn~
~Exciting me
my Heart it climbs~
~In ecstasies
my Body chimes~
~I hunger you
your every touch~
~To hear your Woos
to feel the rush~
~Your every word
they burn my Soul~
~Temptations stir
throughout my whole~
~Sensations swell
my body screams~
~My hunger dwells
is this a Dream~
Duke Sherman

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Devil's Curse

~So Long ago
so far away~
~I lost my Soul
in Satan’s fray~
~I went to war
a Soldier’s plight~
~So much the horror
so many died~
~Many were friends
many were not~
~They met their ends
in Satan’s plot~
~Not all a man
but not a child~
~My Soul was dammed
my mind defiled~
~But eighteen years
I was of age~
~I did not fear
so full of rage~
~But now I dream
of all the death~
~I wake in scream
I cannot rest~
~In constant pain
my life astray~
~Am I insane
the Devil’s prey~
~I pray each night
to end this curse~
~The Devil’s bite
is all the worse~
~My every dream
filled is with horror~
~I wake in scream
still at war~
~Until one day
The Sands of Time~
~Will grant my pray
and ease my mind~
Duke Sherman