Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Beg You Be My Girl-

~Of all the wants within this world
I want for you to be my girl~
~As if my Queen you’d wear a Crown
your every whim my duty bound~
~I’d love you like no other could
give my life for you I would~
~Within my soul there burns a fire
for that of you I have desire~
~In that my heart it aches with love
I pray you mine to God above~
~Alone at night I sit in ponder
my every thought of you in wonder~
~I think of you your beauty reigns 
I think of you my heart in pain~
~And when I lay me down to sleep
you are my heart my soul to keep~
~I dream of you throughout the night
and think of you at first day’s light~
~You are my mind my every day
I love you in of every way~
~I promise you for I be true
eternity in I love you~
~I beg you now to be my girl
no more I want within this world~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Simple Kiss

~One thing I ask of you for this
grant my wish a simple kiss~
~You are my dream my every thought
my heart in wander you besought~
~Deep down my soul so hot afire
burns for you in love’s desire~
~I reminisce our days of past
of first we met I was aghast~
~As if a Queen your beauty reigned
within my heart my love you pained~ 
~I love you now as I did then
within my heart will never end~ 
~You are my wish my every wish
upon a star for just one kiss~
~To hold you in my arms and say
 I love you Darling in every way~
~So many years my heart has cried
so long this fire has burned inside~
~You are the one and only girl
within my heart in all this world~
~To love another will never be
my love for you eternity~
~Before I die I ask this wish
grant to me one simple kiss~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Til End Of Time Eternity

~So full my heart that is of love
in that for you is always of~
~So hot the fire within me burns
in that desire of you I yearn~
~So blessed am I by God above
from heaven sent to me your love~
~From first we met of this I knew
life without you I could not do~
~I love you more than life itself
worth more to me than all man’s wealth~
~You bring to me but happiness
make love to me in tenderness~
~You take from me that all is bad
make me laugh when I am sad~
~When I am weak you make strong
show me right whence I am wrong~
~My love but grows with every day
for you my love in every way~
~To live my life with not of you
a thousand deaths I rather do~
~Before your love I had no life
my days were full so much of strife~
~I often wished for my demise
thought myself of suicide~
~You came to me changed all to be
you saved my life my destiny~
~Now I drop my knees and pray
and thank my God for every day~
~You are my day my every night
you are for me my guiding light~
~For I was blind I could not see
you lit my path my life to be~
~I love you Darling you take my breath
and will my Darling ‘till day my death~
~’Till end of time eternity
my love for you will always be~
~For as in life the afterlife
forevermore you are my wife~
Duke Sherman   

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dream My Every Night

~Without you my life would be
that which has no destiny~
~From first we met a fire burned
within my soul for you I yearned~
~I knew that day within my heart
my love for you would never part~
~Imagine not I cannot do
in life go on without of you~
~Of that the years of days gone past
our love’s but grown in ever last~
~You are the light that is my day
the stars in night that guide my way~
~You are the hope that feeds my soul
from that your heart the goodness flows~
~You give me strength when I am weak
you comport me when times are bleak~
~You are the dream my every night
the first my thought in morning light~
~My love my life and all that is
my dream come true my Heavens wish~
~I love you as with all my life
I thank my God you are my wife~
Duke Sherman

Friday, July 22, 2011

As I Sat My Mind In Wander

~As I sat my mind in wander
I fell to that of Daytime slumber~
~I found my self embraced in kiss
in that of yours I often wish~
~So wet your lips were to their touch
so sweet the taste I took in much~
~Within my thoughts you said to me
your love for me would always be~
~We planned our life to live as one
to never part ‘til life be done~
~Awoke I did to find I dreamt 
so real to me so did it sempt~
~If I could change reality
instead of him you’d be with me~
~I’ll live my life in loneliness
to never know your tenderness~
~Nor feel the passion in of you kiss
within my heart I often wish~
~Never to find in life a mate
to die alone will be my fate~
~Within my life will never be
another love to be of me~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Avalon

~Oh my Darling I love you so
whence a time so long ago~
~Within my heart still burns a fire
for that your love my only desire~
~You bring me joy such happiness
with that you are of tenderness~
~Within yourself an Angel dwells
for all my worries you do expel~
~I reminisce of days gone by
within my heart but amplifies~
~Adorned are you my heart is of
beyond compare is that my love~
~Within my being I know it true
all that is my life is you~
~For if it were you not to be
to end would be my destiny~
~You give me hope when all is gone
you are to me my Avalon~
~As if King Arthur in need of Heart
you keep my world from coming apart~
~You fill my days with that of love
you are my life the reason of~
Duke Sherman

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sadness Grows

~Sadness grows within my heart                              
pulling and tearing it apart~
~The fire that burned within my soul
has all but died and grown cold~
~I feel myself fading into abyss
my life in shambles and amiss~
~My love has left to have another
talking all worth living with her~
~I know not why another man
so hard I’ve tried to understand~
~My life is dim for that she was
my one and only true to love~
~The day we met I found to be
my soul was burning inside of me~
~She’d stolen my heart I was in love
she was everything to me I wanted of~
~Now she’s gone alone am I
within my mind I think to die~
~My friends they say no good was she
many more fish within the sea~
~My heart is broke beyond compare
I’ll not find another girl anywhere~
~Nor do I wish I want not of
my life to be another love~
~I am done my life's no more
ending as she walked out that door~
Duke Sherman                                                                                                                            

Sunday, July 17, 2011

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Wuth the exception of Samantha and Ellen they are all Sudents here in Lake Carles.

Your Steed Awaits

~Make love to me for I’m in need
so full my nut from that my seed~
~From within my groin there lies a pain
to full erection it’s been attained~
~Come lay with me we’ll take the night
and satisfy our every delight~
~I’ll taste within Vagina’s spot 
an aphrodisiac to waist of not~
~You’ll taste of me and swallow down
and lick my Pony all the round~
~You’ll take a ride upon my Steed
and onto climax we will proceed~
~You’ll drive it in and drive it out
you’ll move in motion round and ‘bout~
~The ride be wild your grip be tight
you’ll ride this pony in through the night~
~From within my nut I’ll feel the pain
within my thought I must refrain~
~When does the time it cums to be
the pleasure be great in ecstasy~
~The ride be long the pleasure excite
we’ll make it last through out the night~
~And when it come the light of day
we’ll lye together in dismay~
~We’ll take of time to be with us
forever more in that of lust~
~Make love again into the day
my Darling I love you in every way~
~Your Steed awaits he stands erect
for that of you so warm and wet~
~So mount your steed and let’s begin 
our night to that of never end!
Duke Sherman

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Afternoon Delight

~No need to wait until tonight
I hunger now for your delight~
~Within my mouth there grows a taste
for that in heat below your waist~
~My Nut is ripe in need to crack
relieve the pressure within my sack~
~Between my legs no longer rest
ever hardens and stands erect~
~Withstand the wait I cannot do
my need is that of having you~
~To lay you down and partake
 of that the Honey between your legs~
~To have you mouth my pleasure pump
and tickle my Nut sack so ever plump~
~With tongue I'll enter in and out
while I rub your Bud round and ‘bout~
~I’ll make you scream and beg for more
as your every fiery sensation soars~
~Within you mouth you’ll take me in
driving my senses to Heaven’s end~
~We’ll take delight in pleasure’s taste
taking our time as not to waste~
~Then with my tool I’ll enter you
mixing fluids as making of roux~
~I’ll bring you climax to points beyond
cumming many times over in marathon~
~No need to wait until tonight
let’s partake of Afternoon Delight~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Met In A Dream

~Hello my Darling how do you do
you know me not but I know you~
~We met one day within a dream
underneath the Moonlight’s beam~
~I reminisce your tender kiss
sweet the taste within your lips~
~Your beauty reigned in the night
underneath the Moon so bright~
~We walked the Beach upon the sand
as two lovers hand in hand~
~You stole my heart in that of Love
within this dream I’m speaking of~
~Awake am I you’re here with me
could this be our destiny~
~In all my years I’ve loved but one
from that night forward I’ve been alone~
~So long it’s been since that my dream
your beauty in awe still reigns supreme~
~So real my dream as so are you
please believe I love you do~
~Now I ask you be my date
for within my heart I know it’s fate~
~My heart be yours as always been
forever in life until it ends~
~For God in all his Glory be
has set our paths to destiny~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Car Number Sixty-nine

~As I await the time to be
I sit and dream in fantasy~
~Within my thoughts are all of you
and this tonight our rendezvous~
~With that my endless imagination
vibrates my each and every sensation~
~Within my groins hard is throbbing
with every thought forever longing~
~My seed is full in need of escape
from within the confines it’s rounding shape~
~My heart is racing out of control
a fire burning within of my soul~
~My lust is building I cannot bare
the fire within beginning to flare~
~The time is near your arrival to be
to join with me in Ecstasy~
~We’ll ride upon the train of love
destination being Satisfaction of~
~The best of tables of which we’ll dine
while traveling in car number Sixty-nine~
~For appetizers we’ll start with that a kiss
tasting every delight from within the lips~
~The meal to be served dinner for two
you’ll eat of me I’ll eat of you~
~We’ll enjoy for desert a dish called Desire
heated to perfection over Love’s burning fire~
~Making sweet love we’ll sip of fine wine
in that of car number Sixty-nine~
~Throughout the night and part of the day
we’ll find ourselves pleasured in every which way~
~We’ll cuddle and kiss make memories to be
of this our night in sweet Ecstasy ~
~The time will come the end of the line
our wondrous trip in car number Sixty-nine~
~Endless it’s true that my imagination
ready I am for our trip to Satisfaction~
Duke Sherman