Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From The Dawn Of Daylight

~From the Dawn of daylight
to the very fall of night~
~My heart hungers but in pain
my soul burns my mind insane~
~Like a Majesty she reigns over me
ruling my every emotion as her's to be~
~She’s the essence of what is love
gifted with the beauty of Angels above~
~Soft spoken and shy she won my heart
it’s her’s for as long as I live ‘til death do I part~
~Many years past many nights I’ve pondered
why I left her arms so I could wander~
~Happiness left as did my very soul
when I left  so many years ago~
~I was young but I loved her and didn’t stay
a cowardly decision that’s haunted me to this day~
~I’ve yearned for her touch once again
to hold her kiss her like I did back then~
~To once again hear her say silly boy you’re my bay
a special name she gave me on our meeting day~
~She’s like no other woman on earth can be
I would do anything to bring her back to me~
~God my God help me I pray to you
guide me in all that I must do~
~Show me the way back into her heart
bond us together again never to part~
Duke Sherman

Monday, May 30, 2011

From Across The Sea Came A Voice

~My heart has but one love
my darling it’s you I speak of~
~Too many years have gone by
many a night alone I’ve silently cried~
~My soul lost deep in the past
of the time we spent together last~
~I love you please understand
without you I am but half a man~
~Now that you and I again could be
brings happiness once had back to me~
~Something I haven’t had in years
the reason for my silent tears~
~You’re all I want my heart and soul
I need you back in my life this I know~
~To stand with me in all that I do
and I to stand with only you~
~You’re on my mind night and day
within my heart you’ve always stayed~
~You mean to me as the world turns
the desire for you inside me burns~
~My darling it burns so hot I cannot bare
at night it’s your image at I do stare~
~You’re as beautiful today as you were then
to you God his hand of grace he has lent~
~I miss you my darling I miss you with all my heart
I can no longer bare this existence of being apart~
~I dreamt of us together once again and awoke
when you weren’t there my heart was broke~
~I made a mistake when I left long ago
and it’s caused me many a year of woe~ 
~The last we met you gifted me with a kiss
like honey were the juices that wet your lips~
~I remember with ease our last night together
a memory of I’ll keep in my heart forever~
~I love you and would do anything for your love
I’ve prayed for it often to my God above~
~Finally I heard you call my name bay
this was a special name only you would say~
~The girl I loved but didn’t have the courage to tell
for this my life has been not but Hell~
~I cannot love another I’ve tried without success
causing me much stress and under duress~
~I’ve been alone now the last seven years
almost given up to die alone I’ve feared~
~But came that beautiful voice from across the sea
a second chance I thought could it be~
~You’re all I’ve ever wanted in life I need you so
let’s take that chance and make a go~
~Let’s make the memories of our past
a reality to be in present at last~
~My dream you are and have always been
with that please accept these kisses I send~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Lonely For Her

~Another lonely night has passed me by
bringing sadness and tears to my eyes~
~I’m in need of the one girl from my past
so many years gone since I’ve seen her last~ 
~My loneliness my pain has taken it’s toll
so foolish I was to leave her I know~
~My heart has been broken so many years
happiness nonexistent causing many tears~
~I’ve been but half a man without her in my life
so much anguish pain and strife~
~She was everything I ever wanted and I left
my ignorance gifted my heart and soul with bereft~
~A chance to correct the past to right a wrong
oh how I’ve waited and suffered for so long~
~My life lost it’s purpose when I left long ago
but has returned to me and I cannot let go~
~She is the one my soul mate the love of my life
without her’s like being stuck in my heart with a knife~
~My heart hurts can only be healed with her love 
she’s all on my mind I can think of~
~I’d do anything for her I’d give her the world
to have her back in my life to be my girl~
~When I reminisce I often do of long ago
I think of that sweet night back in San Francisco~
~It was the only time in my life I was really happy
she was so beautiful soft spoken and chose me~
~She was my Goddess my Athena from Olympus
to this day she is the only one I want to be with~
~I’ve tried but my heart has never seen it through
to turn back the hands of time anything I would do~
~To stay say I love you and make a life
God why did I never make her my wife~
~The price I paid is a terrible price to pay
I lost my heart my soul happiness in every way~
~I love her and I always will ‘til the day I die
more than the sun the moon and stars in the sky~
~As I lay down to sleep this night to be
I will pray to God please bring her back to me~
~Then I will visit her where she now resides
deep within my mind my dreams inside~
~I’ll take her in my arms and hold on tight
make sweet love to her throughout the night~
~Now I must go my ticket to Heaven awaits
I have myself a dream date~
Duke Sherman

A Mistake Regreted

I have reconnected with the love of my life. My Soul mate. I left this girl so very long ago in San Francisco Ca. over 40 years ago! She found me. I lost touch with her. I was stupid and very young. It was a mistake that cost me dearly! I have never been able to feel real love for a woman like I did and do for Lisa! My god, what did I do? But God brought her back to me. I always knew there was something that prevented me from being able to be in true love. It was because I never fell out of love with Lisa! If you are young, please never make the mistake I did! I’ve been unhappy for all these years. I’ve been married several times and I just couldn’t do it! I love every one of my children with all my heart and soul! But my happiness has never been there! I have often thought God was punishing me because of the war and the things I did in that war! But that is not the case, God is merciful and forgives all! My pain has been of my own making. If I had just been more upfront and had expressed my feelings to her, God how happy I could’ve been and to be with her, my true dream girl! I have written the past several poems for her! They are my true feelings and fact! Again I must express»»Don’t do as I did«« Be happy and love her now!
I am writing this because I consider you part of my family and I love my Blogspot, and tumblr family! Every one of you that read my material has helped me overcome much of my depression caused by PTSD! Every Like and comment I receive is God sent and I appreciate it more than anyone could ever know! THANK YOU all from the bottm of my heart and soul! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Awake I Stay

~My Darling my love my dream come true
my mind is full with only thoughts of you~
~Awake through the lonely nights I stay
wishing to look to my side and see you lay~
~My heart hungers it pains for your love
nothing more in life is there I want of~
~To hold you in my arms like I did last
make love again like we did in the past~
~To look in your eyes and say I love you
show you with my heart how much I do~
~My life is null I have no life to be
without you in it and next to me~
~I’ve missed your touch so soft it was
causing me to shake with sensual wondrous~ 
~I need once again to make love to you
hear you once again say more please do~
~To go to sleep with you by my side at night
and see you first as I wake come daylight~
~No better can any man on earth ask for
than you in their life to be adored~
~I think back to the house of your Grandad
that was the last time I was really not sad~
~You fulfilled my every dream of a woman
I was so happy to be your man~
~I wish with all my heart I really do
that I would’ve stayed with you~
~I need you Lisa I need you so very much
you and yes that most gratifying touch~
~Give me back the only woman I ever loved
I need nothing more nor want more of~
~I love you and want everyone to know
and I never want again to let you go~
~You’re the only girl for me will ever be
come back to your Bay come back to me~
~Always your Bay~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soul Mates

~Your lips are sweeter than wine
you have a body so very fine
I’ll love you ‘til the end of time~
~You’re for me my given destiny
a second chance to be happy
with the only girl in my life for me~
~I need you Lisa with all my heart
I never again want to be apart
a new life together we can start~
~You were and are the only one to
make me feel the feelings I do
My Darling I love you~
~I ponder my thoughts when I write
where my words of poetry come to light
and they take me back to a special night~
~When we were young back in the day
and we were playful and together did lay
never again have I ever felt that way~
~I was a fool this I know to be true
I was young  didn’t know what to do
but Lisa I really did love you~
~I’ve paid a terrible price for going away
I never told you but God I wanted to stay
I loved you then as I do this very day~
~But you found me for a reason must be
I was meant for you and you for me
and we are about to meet our destiny~
~My Darling I say to you this is fate
we are and always have been soul mates
even though we’re separated  by states~ 
~Come back be with me again
we’ll make it better than way back then
this time for keeps never will it end~
~Always Your Bay~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Second Chance

~I’ve taken the first step to the last
to reconnect with the love of my past~
~I need her so very much
I still remember her touch~
~Her body pressed against mine
giving me pleasure so very divine~
~Bringing me to sweet Ecstasy
and a burning desire to please~
~I remember with passion our kiss
and the sweet like honey taste of her lips~
~A time in my life I’ll never forget
the one thing in my life I don’t regret~
~I Need to have her back in my life
I love her and want her as my wife~
~My soul and heart are on fire
for this girl I have not but desire~
~Long ago many years have past
my feelings for her have been ever last~
~I’ll keep and love her always
for eternity forever and a day~
~My heart's been made young again
and I’m happier than I’ve ever been~
~Love is strange but so Grand it is
oh how I miss her and her sweet kiss~
~But God is great and he's been good to me
a second chance with her and happiness to be~
Duke Sherman

Monday, May 23, 2011

Take That Leap

~Hello my Darling it’s me again
you know the guy from way back when~
~I went to sleep thinking of you
it brought to light my feelings true~
~I love you my heart I give to you 
like no man on earth could ever do~
~So be it mine and be it yours
our hearts together forever more~
~I regret never telling you long ago
but we were young not very old~
~You lit up my life with just a smile
a feeling of joy I haven’t had in awhile~
~Now with the chance of having you again
makes me happier than I’ve ever been~
~My life without you I cannot see
you are my life my destiny~
~I’ll take you in my arms and hold you tight
never let go with all my might~
~I never thought I'd hear from you again
when I did it was Heaven sent~
~Now you’re my passion my only wish
to taste once more your sweet kiss~
~I’ve missed you more than I can say
the agony's been with me all my days~
~So take that leap come back to me
let’s finalize our life’s destiny~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe It's True What They Say About Destiny

~Finally I can see an end to my misery
the love of my life may come back to me~
~Just the thought of her back in my life
brings to me joy and happiness inside~
~Reminiscent of our times in the past
hoping to repeat them in ever last~
~The girl of my dreams the desire of my heart
never again to be apart~
~Maybe true what they say about destiny
she’ll find you no matter the place may be~
~I’ve been struck in the heart with Cupid’s arrow
like a hawk from the sky swooping down on a sparrow~
~She’s captured me and owns my soul
my only wish is to love her and love her so~
~I never lost what I had for this girl
she’s the only one for me in this world~
~What luck God bringing us back together
this time I’ll make it last forever~
~Lisa I’ve lost touch but never the love
now you’re all I can think of~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fantasy's Definition

~Once upon a lifetime ago
lived a young man in San Francisco~
~He yearned for a certain girl
no more beautiful in all the world~
~She was his very dream come true
‘twas nothing for her he wouldn’t do~
~He lusted for to make her his
to be the one to own her kiss~
~His heart was fast and burned as fire
from deep within was so his desire~
~She took his love the first day
and possessed it in all and every way~ 
~A girl like her comes but once in life
the kind of girl that makes you alive~
~One who’ll say I love you
and mean every word so very true~
~Who’ll make you feel like a man
the way only a woman who cares can~
~When you’re feeling under the wearher
with a simple kiss she’d make you feel better~
~This girl was perfect and she sill is
and I still lust for another kiss~
~Sometimes I dream awake at her picture
of how she and I could’ve made a future~
~I sometimes fantasize of her and I
and it brings tears to my eyes~
~So much joy this girl she gave to me
she was and is the definition of Fantasy~
~I left her in the past and regretted it all my life 
this decision for me has been but strife~
~A girl so sweet beautiful and perfect in every way
I still have feelings for her to this very day~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Desire You!


~Always for you I’ve got desire
my blood runs hot as if on fire~
~My heart races in locomotion
and brings to lust my every emotion~
~Shiver I do when thinking of you
I want to make love with you I do~
~I think of how your luscious lips
taste as honey so sweet your kiss~
~And how your body brings to me
from within delight so Heavenly~
~You’ve filled my heart with not but love
my thoughts are you and all I think of~
~A dream come true you entered my life
fulfilling my wish becoming my wife~
~You treat like a man should be
with love respect and dignity~
~You leave me breathless and in a daze
in all you do I am amazed~
~You are my day you are my night
of all my life you are the light~
~No man on earth’s more lucky than me
no man on earth can ever be~
~To have to hold and know you’re mine
with a heart a soul and beauty divine~
~I’m blessed you see to have you be
in my life the better half a part of me~
Duke Sherman