Monday, May 16, 2011

You're For Me A Memory

~You’re for me a memory
from long ago that use to be~
~Most pleasant I have to say
you were beautiful in every way~
~I liked you allot from the start
you set a fire inside my heart~ 
~The night that we spent together
I wanted it to last forever~
~You made me laugh I was happy
you gave me strength I was lusty~
~For me you were a dream come true
all I wanted in a girl I seen in you~
~I’ll say now what I didn’t then
it wasn’t like but love back when~
~I don’t know why I left you behind
but I must’ve been out of my mind~    
~I took a wrong turn on the path of life
for this I’ve paid an awful price!
~I’ve never found my true soul mate
my mistake has changed my life’s fate~
~This I know to be true
I’ll never find another girl like you~
~But to you I owe thanks for giving me
this most pleasant beautiful memory~
Duke Sherman

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