Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here I Go Again

~Here I go again
reminiscing of way back when~
~Times long ago passed
and loved ones gone alas~
~My Mother’s love when I was young
and the Bedtime rhymes to me she sung~
~The Brotherhood I had in my Best Friend
 he passed away so early in the end~
~My Brothers and sisters so far apart
I keep them all within my heart~
~Serving my Country was my greatest pride
for her I would’ve proudly died~
~I miss the Comraderie of my Brothers in Arms
and the trust in each other that it forms~
~I miss sharing my life with a good woman
the love between a woman and a man~
~I miss the times of Fatherhood
watching my Children grow from Childhood ~
~But the future is still to be
I only hope I’ll be here to see~
~To see my Children’s dreams come true
in all the endeavors they pursue~
~These are thoughts close to me
and are embedded deep within my memories~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


~Tonight I received a pleasant surprise
that nearly brought tears to my eyes~
~My little girl called me just to say
Daddy I love you by the way~ 
I guess sometimes I feel forgotten
by my children naturally begotten~
~I love each and every one of them
and at times I wish them young again~
~I miss holding and giving them my love
sometimes when alone that’s all I think of~
~I wasn’t there for them much of the time
circumstances dictated I leave them behind~
~I love my children now as I did then
and I’ll love my children when I meet my end~
~My little girl is a mom with two of her own now
sometimes putting me in a state of awe and wow~
~She’s always been her Daddy’s little girl
 and always will be until I leave this world~
              ~I Love You Jojo~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Country

~My Country’s proud and free
the sweet land of liberty~

~Tread on us and suffer our wrath
our enemies best take another path~

~Our forefathers died to give us Rights
for those Rights we’ll fiercely fight~

~We protect those who’re not free
and make it possible for them to be~

~We feed the hungry and the meek
and educate those of them who seek~

~Catastrophe hits a foreign land
we send every able woman and man~

~We compfort those who have no hope
and give them recourses so they can cope~

~From around the world to us they come
to experience the sweet taste of freedom~

~We stand for God and Country and freedom too
God Bless the Red White and Blue~

Duke Sherman

Monday, March 28, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

~In the heart of every Father
resides a special bond with his daughter~
~There’s nothing in this world
he wouldn’t do for Daddy’s little girl~
~When Daddy’s little girl is in need
for her his heart will bleed~
~If she’s in trouble Daddy’s there
no matter what or anywhere~
~When she needs a strong shoulder to cry on
always to Daddy she will run~
~Every boy in her life better pass muster
God help him if he dishonors her luster~
~Mom is there for the facts of life
but it’s Daddy she runs to for advice~
~Daddy’s there for her every step of her life
even putting her before his wife~
~Mom brought her into this world on that special day
but it will be up to Daddy to give her away~
~The first dance will belong to Daddy~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, March 27, 2011

God Made Mothers Special

~God made a mother in a special way
in this poem this I’ll portray~
~He gave her strength from within to give childbirth
a pain only she can bare on this earth~
~And to deal with the many rejections that her child will give
to her over the years she’ll willingly forgive~
~ Strong shoulders to carry the weight of the world
yet gentle enough to comport her little boys and girls~
~Hardness to keep going on when everyone else gives up
and to care for them with no complaints when illness has struck~
~Sensitivity to love them whether they’ve been good or bad
even through the times they’ve made her sad~
And to help the pain of her child’s boo boo to go away
and her teenager through anxieties and fears of every day~
~The knowledge of laughter to make the sadness disappear
and turn it into happiness and cheer~  
~The tears to shed whenever needed in times of crisis
those are her only weakness~
~Finally he reserved a special place in Heaven
for when her time on earth has come to an end~
-Take time to tell your mother you love her today-
Duke Sherman

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Do I Think?

~I was asked the question today,
of my opinion of those who’re gay~
~Evident is my political affiliation,
curious was he of my views on gay persuasion~
~I answered that my views aren’t typical,
nor are they based on what’s political~
~Raised was I by a good and decent mother,
I was taught we’re all sisters and brothers~
~It’s not mine nor anyone else’s place,
to make judgement on sexual preference or race~
~That’s reserved for our Lord at world’s end,
when he makes judgement of mankind’s sin~
~I’m straight but have friends of both sexes who’re gay,
and doesn’t bother me in any way~
~The same goes for racial ethnicity, 
we’re all of our God’s creativity~
~It sickens my every bit of being,
the prejudice in this world I’m seeing~
~Be you gay be you bi or be you sraight,
in this world we’re all of the same fate~
We’re born and in the end we’ll all die,
so why not get along while we’re alive~
~Yes I’m Republican and proud to be,
But never do I practice bigotry~
~What do I think of being gay,
~we’re all God’s children in every which way~
~I’m Conservative but my thoughts are my own,
sometimes having to stand alone~
~In my heart I believe I’m right,
and for my beliefs I will fiercely fight~
~The right to choose is the right of our land,
and belongs to every woman and every man~
Duke Sherman

Ellen DeGeneres

~I love Ellen DeGeneres,
in my mind there’s none more hilarious~
~I like the way she dances for her audience,
she commands perfection of her performance~
~Ending the dance holding herself in the air,
by her arms as she sits in the chair~
~Completing the act in slow motion,
and always receiving a standing ovation~
~Her eyes are a curious shade of blue and mysterious,
giving the Ellen look it’s impossible to know if she’s serious~
~Her smile shows great affection for all her fans,
no heart bigger than her’s in all the land~  
~Laughter cures the soul of sadness within,
recommended is always a good dose of Ellen~
~Happiness has eluded me on many occasions,
was found because of this Diva’s aspirations~
~So when you’re troubled and dismayed, 
she’ll treat the symptoms to take them away~  
~This Queen of Comedy’s put on many a smiling face,
 taking away sadness making this world a better place~
 Thanks Ellen;
Duke Sherman

Thursday, March 24, 2011

עזראל של העלייה לגן עדן (Azrael's Ascension To Heaven in Hebrew)

כשהייתי צעיר שמעתי סיפור,
של נשמה אלוהים שלח את כור המצרף!
אז נורא היה החטא שלו,
זה לא יכול להיות נסלח!
אסור אף פעם להיכנס לגן עדן,
הוא נידון כור המצרף מוזנח!
לאחר שצפה עזראל סובלים שנים רבות,
אלוהים של מלאכים הובאו עד דמעות!
הם התחננו אלוהים להגדיר את נשמתו חינם,
כך בגן עדן, הוא יכול להיות!
אבל התעלם ידי אלוהים בקשתם,
הם לקחו על עצמם בחיפוש!
הם ירדו אל כור המצרף,
והרים את נשמתו עדן תהילה!
כאשר אלוהים שאל אותם למה הם עשו את זה,
הם אמרו שהוא סבל מספיק התהום!
אלוהים בשילוב כל התום של מלאכים,
והם עולות כל החטאים של עזראל!
לבסוף אלוהים אמר שהוא מסכים,
ואת הנשמה של עזראל יישארו בחינם!
אלוהים הכריז החטאים נסלח כל של עזראל,
בברכה אותו לגן עדן!
סיפרו לי את הסיפור הזה על ידי נזירה קתולית,
ועכשיו אני אומר לך את זה לכולם!
הדוכס שרמן


Let me tell you about my girl,
the prettiest in all the world!
By the time that I was twenty,
of many girls I had plenty!
I met Christine at a Barbecue,
as usual I was acting a fool!
I spotted her from across the way,
sitting alone half the day!
So beautiful she was sitting there,
wind gently blowing through her hair!
Black and tinted a shade of purple,
and on her cheeks the cutest dimples! 
She had eyes like that I’ve never seen,
shaped perfectly and the shade of green!
Her skin slightly tanned by the sun,
I knew instantly she was the one!
My heart began to race in locomotion,
within stirring my every emotion!
Nervous I walked over and asked to sit down,
she smiled and said: If you stop acting a clown!
Curious I asked: Are you seeing someone?
No she said: I have no one!
I looked into her eyes looking back at me,
and seen in her eyes a future could be!
Nervously I asked her out on a date,
yes she said: I was wondering how long I’d wait!
Then she took me by both my hands,
and said: Your going to walk the line to be my man!
For her I gave up my promiscuous past,
and have been faithful ever last!
She was and is the best thing in my life,
twenty years past she’s still my wife!
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beautiful Tatiana

 Red Rose

Nowhere in th this land is a Latina,
more beautiful than the sweet Tatiana!
Her hair long and her eyes of brown,
bring young men from all around!
Her smile alone melts my heart like butter,
and rapidly it begins to flutter!
As if my soul was set afire,
within it burns for her in sweet desire!
She looks my way with her eyes as to flirt,
slightly squinted dominance they assert!
Inviting are her beautiful and moist lips,
as if ladened with honey you must kiss!
Shaped by God hands her body’s perfect,
on her skin not a blemish can I detect!
Soft spoken her words are pleasant to hear,
she gives you the feeling an Angel is near!
If I was to have only one wish to be,
I’d wish for Tatiana to belong to me!
Duke Sherman

I Dream Of Being With You

If I could make a dream come true,
that dream would be to be with you!
To lay down with you every night,
and wake up with you at my side!
Met at the door after a hard days work,
a kiss a hug and love you’d assert!
I’d walk down the streets with you on my arm,
protecting you from any and all that would harm! 
We’d ride on a sled in the midst of Winter,
while the snow is falling in all it’s splendor!
Play in the grass on a fresh Spring day,
picking Wildflowers all the way!
We’d walk on the Beach in the wet sand,
on a warm Summer night while holding hands! 
We’d wonder the colors of the Autumn leaves,
and take pleasure in the scene they achieve!
Every Season we travel through life together,
our love for each other will not but grow stronger! 
I’d shower you with love from within my heart,
until the end of time we’d not be apart!
Duke Sherman