Sunday, March 13, 2011

If I Could Change

If I could change my life from start,
I’d begin with a bigger heart!
I’d change all that I’ve done wrong,
be a better man for my lifelong!
I’d take back many things I’ve said,
be nicer to those now dead!
I’d strive harder to meet my Dad,
and help my poor Mom from being sad!
I’d keep all the money I through away,
and save it for a rainy day! 
Spend more time with my Kids,
teach them how to righteously live!
Not loose touch with those I loved, 
and get my best friend off of drugs!
Attend Church more often than I have,
not going to Church is pretty bad!
I’d help bring joy to the hearts of those,
having nobody because they’re old!
I’d give the needy a place to stay,
and help them to succeed in every way! 
With an open heart I’d understand,
how to be a better man!
Duke Sherman 

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