Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marilyn Monroe

I miss Marlyn Monroe,
died young at thirty-six years old!
Born Norma Jeane she lived a hard life,
childhood spent in foster homes with much strife!
A singer an actor a model too,
to this Blond Bombshell my heart was true!
On screen and off she was every man’s dream,
in our hearts her beauty was supreme!
I remember paying a quarter so see “Some Like it Hot”,
that was a performance I never forgot!
In that her acting won a Golden Globe,
with laughter I thought my heart would explode!
She was so beautiful and soft spoken,
when she passed my heart was broken!
They said it was suicide but some think a crime,
she was one of the greatest actresses of all time!
I still watch her movies today with pleasure,
she was America’s National treasure!
Duke Sherman

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  1. This is one of America's sweethearts who died truly before her time.