Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eve's Paradox


Eve’s a Beautiful Diva of flaming desire,
she sets all men’s hearts on fire!
They burn like the flame of white tetrahedron,
so hot they melt and to her being are bound!
With just a wave of her gentle hand,
the’re at her every command!
For the love of this woman,
is the wish of every man!
The scent of her sweet perfume,
leaves no man immune!
Like flowers draw Nature’s Bee,
men flock and drop to one knee!
They beg for her hand in matrimony,
and offer much testimony!
She’s promised the world by every man,
all she desire’s is love and devotion!
Eve’s paradox is not knowing who to believe,
so many times she’s been deceived!
Happiness is her heart’s desire,
love is what sets her soul on fire!
He who wins the heart of this girl,
will surely be the luckiest man in the world!
Duke Sherman

I Remember

The other night I seen a picture,
it made me remember!
You were just seventeen,
just crowned Prom Queen!
So beautiful you were that night, 
standing in the spotlight!
Silver tiara sitting on your head,
‘twas that night I knew we’d wed!
Tears of joy flowing down your face,
that tiara could’ve found no better place!
In you arms were three dozen roses,
I’d never seen such loveliness!
I remember that night with clearness,
memories of much happiness!
I’ve loved you since the first day we met,
never have I’ve had a regret!
You’re still as beautiful as I remember,
that night to you my heart surrendered!
I love you!
Duke Sherman

Heavenly Giselle

 Giselle Diaz
This girl I know’s quite beautiful,
my thoughts of her are unmovable!
Her name’s Giselle and she’s an actress,
she hail’s from the city of Las Vegas!
Her eyes magical will make you gaze,
and mystically places you in a daze!
Her loveliness is beyond compare,
no more beautiful anywhere!
As if she was made of dreams,
her feminineness runs supreme!
Her words are spoke so gentle,
she must’ve been born of an Angel!
She has a Heavenly glow about her,
that causes all men’s hearts to stir!
Their hearts burn with the desire,
of Giselle as if they were on fire!
Her every wish is their command,
they consider themselves lucky men!
My thoughts of her are indeed unmovable,
for there’s none more beautiful!
Duke Sherman

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss

I’ve heard some say:
A kiss is just a kiss,
they know not what they miss!
Her moist and sweet lips,
brings my taste buds to total Bliss!
Pressed tightly against mine,
no greater delight comes to mind!
My heart beats as if in locomotion,
and it stirs my every emotion!
With each and every passing moment,
her sweet juices become more potent!
They tingle my each and every sensation,
and fill my thoughts with anticipation!
Like that of the Mystical Goddess of Love,
she brings my whole being to hereinabove!
She controls my every move and I like it,
to her every whim I willingly commit!
A kiss isn’t only not “just a kiss”,
without her kiss-I’d fall into abyss!
Duke Sherman 

Wartime Nineteen seventy-one

I often dream of the day,
I can throw my past away!
The things I’ve done long ago,
when I wasn’t very old!
Nightmares caused by some of them,
things that many have condemned!
Wartime Nineteen seventy-one,
God help us for what we’ve done!
The sight of so many in war dying,
is unforgettable and horrifying!
It’s not that I think I’ve done wrong,
memories of death’s been with me so long!
I served my Country with pride,
and for her I'd still die!
But Nightmares steal from me my sleep, 
and sometime they make me weep!
The scenes of blood in my mind don’t go away,
their fresh in my thoughts each and every day!
I see my friends gasping for their last breath,
just a split second before their death!
I see myself running for cover,
from the mortar rounds falling all over!
I remember the war as if it were yesterday,
the memories don’t fade away!
That’s what PTSD is my friends,
and it will be with me ‘til the end!
Sgt Duke Sherman
G-Troop, 2/11 ACR
Black Horse Soldier
Vietnam Veteran

Friday, February 25, 2011

Somewhere In History

 God Bless The USA
There’s a place in history,
that I’d like to be!
Somewhere back in yesteryear,
when our Country was young and feared!
Not like today where our enemy’s run amok,
and the whole world thinks we suck!
We were looked up to and showed respect,
now our demise they circumspect!
Where’s the memories of Nazi Death camps,
or Pearl Harbor’s remembrance? 
Our Leaders no longer give a Damn,
in what happens to their Citizens!
They’re more interested in the power they hold,
than their Country falling down the hole!
The Debt is getting higher than ever before,
and the rising interest is ignored!
All they quote is: ‘Yes We Can’,
it’s not meant for us the common man!
Their pockets fill and grow heavier,
our’s seems to but become lighter!
Leaders like Jackson-Lincoln-Kennedy and Reagan,
hearts filled with love of Country and Dedication!
These were men who made our Country great,
they must be turning in their graves!
Republicans or Democrats who’s worse,
doesn’t matter our Country still hurts!
Until they all learn to work together,
what ill’s this Country’s never getting better!
Duke Sherman 

Andoncia From Santa María

I went out with a girl the other night,
I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight!
She hails from a from a place called Santa María,
sweet is her name Adoncia!
She’s beautiful and sexy with allot of class,
memories close to my heart that’ll last!
Her eyes dark and Majestically exotic,
and to watch her walk was hypnotic!
Her skin is brown and she has black hair,
the prettiest Latina I’ve seen anywhere!
We danced and drank Tequila through the night,
we didn’t get home ‘til Dawns early light!
She cooked me breakfast-Tortillas and beans,
surprisingly the best I’ve ever eaten! 
I held her in my arms and kissed her Adiós,
this weekend we’re flying down to old Mexico!
Duke Sherman

Mother Nature's Perfection

Like those of sweet Poetry,
you make the words come to be!
Like that of a ray of Sunshine,
you warm this heart of mine!
Like the gentle mountain breeze,
you take away the stress from me!
As flowers smell in the Springtime,
your heavenly scent brings to mind!
You have this amazing twinkle in your eyes,
like that of the stars in the sky!
They’re the color of the hills at Sunset,
and your hair is long and Aburnest!
Your skin’s well tanned but not to dark,
with perfection and without a mark!
Your smile’s as bright as a Sunshiny day,
and fills my heart with joy in every way!
Your lips are sweet and moist as Morning dew,
from Mother Nature herself you’re construed!
Created from love and painted with desire,
you burn my soul with with her fire!
My love but grows as Springtime grass,
and will forever time outlast!
Duke Sherman

Thursday, February 24, 2011

True To The Red Man's Creed


I’m told I’m part Indian,
from the “Blackfoot” Nation!
From my father’s side,
my blood was derived!
True to the Red mans creed,
hot blood do I bleed!
It burns as if it were fire,
for the woman I desire!
My birth sign is “Scorpio”,
through my veins venom flows!
Content to be a one woman man,
if crossed-revengeful I am!
Like the Scorpion I’ll sting with preciousness,
and poison with the venom of viciousness
Many regrets she’ll possess,
but I’ll not forget!
But if her heart stays true,
my love for her will accrue! 
The blood of “Blackfoot” Indian,
and sign of the “Scorpion”,
are a lethal combination! 
Love you I will indeed,
but never cross me!
Duke Sherman

The Spring Whisper


Spring Whisper’s in the air,
the scent of love’s everywhere!
In my heart’s a certain girl,
none more beautiful in the world!
My thought’s fills with anticipation,
runs wild my imagination!
With my every fantasy of her,
my heart has been conquered!
She walks the earth in such loveliness,
a beauty that of a Goddess!
As if Zeus himself shaped her being,
no sight on earth is more appealing!
She’s a dream come to life,
from perfection she was derived!
Spring Whisper’s calling me,
with her I want to be!
Duke Sherman

The Proposal

I want to be your one and only,
I want to be the one you want!
I want to be there when you’re lonely,
and be your heart’s confidant!
My love for you is overwhelming,
in my soul like fire desire’s burning!
I long to give you all my days,
and love you in every way!
I’ve dream’t of laying beside you at night,
holding you close to me ‘til dawns light!
I’ll keep you safe from all that’s bad,
and take away any sadness you’ve had!
You’re my every thought of every day,
in my heart you’ll always stay!
You give me hope and reason to live,
my heart and soul’s your captive!
My only desire now in life,
is for you to become my wife!
Marry me?
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She Lights Up My Every Whim

My girl’s name is Desiree;
she’s what is my destiny!
Like that which is heat of fire,
she warms my heart with desire!
Her smile lights up my every whim,
my heart beats with love within!
Her beauty’s beyond compare,
it generates a Heavenly glare!
Her hair down to her waist,
she wears it in good taste!
Her eyes are amber brown,
and shaped perfectly round!
Her skin is white with a pink tint,
God made her desirable and distinct!
Hourglass figure God shaped with care,
she walks as if floating on clouds in air!
None on this earth with I’d rather be,
than to be with Desiree!
Duke Sherman
The meaning of the name Desiree is Desired
The origin of the name Desiree is French