Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Girl I Besought

A Fairytale Princess
Tonight there’s a girl in my thoughts,
this girl I do besought!
She’s like a Fairytale Princess„
and her sweet love I must posses!
Her hair Golden Brown,
I imagine her in a beautiful Gown!
I can’t sleep at night,
because she’s in my mind’s sight!
I keep thinking of how it would be,
if she was to be married to me!
Of her I’m so fond,
I’d worship the ground she walks on!
Just for one kiss of her lips of honey,
I’d feel richer than all the world’s money!
She make’s my heart flutter,
and make’s me melt like butter!
I must have this girl,
she’s become my whole world!
I look into her beautiful brown eyes,
and know without her I would die!
Duke Sherman

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