Monday, February 7, 2011

I See Her Sometimes

I was a happy child,
not bad but a bit wild!
My poor Mom would work so hard,
and would come home so very tired!
But she always found time,
to sing me to sleep with a rhyme!
I wish you could’ve seen,
my Mom was a beautiful Human Being!
She had to go it alone,
to make me a happy home!
She was still a very young girl,
but to me there was no better Mom in the world!
She was just sixteen and had to grow up fast,
and put away her childhood past!
I can remember my Mom’s gentle touch,
I loved and I miss he very much!
I sometimes dream of her at night,
and my tears I have to fight!
My Mom was the love of my life!
I didn’t get to say Goodbye,
before my Mom died.
It haunts me to this very day,
that I was so far away!
I have no grave to visit her,
her ashes were spread in the Ocean’s Surf!
I wish I could’ve kissed my Mom one more time,
and sung one of her beautiful rhymes!
Duke Sherman