Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Heart Is No Longer Cold

Once my heart was cold,
life for me was untold!
I didn’t care about anyone,
or of anything I had dine!
I would take all I could, 
and was know as a Hood!
I met a girl so sweet,
and my heart she did defeat!
She gave me love and happiness,
and made me see my senselessness!
She took the cold and warmed my heart with love,
and taught me to understand that was enough!
She was an Angel on loan from God,
the feelings she gave me I never forgot!
More than forty years have passed,
my love for her has but surpassed!
She’s gone home to regain her wings,
but I’m still connected with my Heartstrings!
She still guides every step I take,
and every life decision that I make!
She gave me hope where there was none,
and made me realize the wrong I’d done!
If not for her my life would be,
a total of hopelessness and misery!
When the day comes for my life to end,
my great hope is I’ll see her again!
Duke Sherman

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