Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love's Wondrousness

Love's Wondrousness
A life without knowing love’s wondrousness,
is not a life but complete abyss!
To never taste a woman’s lips,
is to know the meaning of ellipsis!
Not to experience her touch of suppleness,
is not to feel what gentleness is!
To deny yourself a woman’s love’s sweet bliss,
would be your heart’s total apocalypse!
Without love your heart fills with sadness,
and you travel down the road of unhappiness!
You’ll live your life in a state of otherness,
and eventually die of loneliness!
If you wish to not remain in your life loveless,
you must make yourself female acquaintances!
Seek a Lady within you see attractiveness,
that makes your soul burn with desirousness,
Make sure her heart is pure and full of lovingness!
to assure that your love of her’s not fruitless!
Never be as some with anger and call her useless,
quicker than you can apologize you’ll again be woman less! 
When she does from her heart show her gratefulness,
your sure to be rewarded with sweet kisses!
When you’re down and feeling worthlessness,
she’ll hold you and give loving comfortness!
Without love is just senseless! 
Duke Sherman

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