Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss

I’ve heard some say:
A kiss is just a kiss,
they know not what they miss!
Her moist and sweet lips,
brings my taste buds to total Bliss!
Pressed tightly against mine,
no greater delight comes to mind!
My heart beats as if in locomotion,
and it stirs my every emotion!
With each and every passing moment,
her sweet juices become more potent!
They tingle my each and every sensation,
and fill my thoughts with anticipation!
Like that of the Mystical Goddess of Love,
she brings my whole being to hereinabove!
She controls my every move and I like it,
to her every whim I willingly commit!
A kiss isn’t only not “just a kiss”,
without her kiss-I’d fall into abyss!
Duke Sherman 

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