Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Mother Taught Me To Be Polite

That's good water young man he said!
My Mother taught me to be polite,
when I was just a little guy!
I can remember a day long ago,
I think I was five years old!
My Mother had several guest’ over,
and somebody requested a glass of water!
Being the polite young lad I was,
I thought I would serve them all water!
I was small and couldn’t reach the faucet,
so I retrieved the water from the toilet!
They all drank the water and asked for more;
and my Mother quietly reacted in horror,
when I was caught coming out the Bathroom door!
I was to young to know any better,
and today the story is met with great laughter!
So if visiting a friend and a child brings you a drink,
remember my story and take time to think!
Duke Sherman

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