Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open Letter To the Ladies

DUKE Sherman
I’ve made many riches in the past,
and I’ve had women by the mass!
Over the years I’ve come to understand,
that’s not what makes a real man!
My luck ran out and I’ve no more money,
without it my life’s been more sunny!
Woman now like me for who I am,
not to take me for all they can!
I’ve mellowed throughout the years,
there’s been much happiness and some tears!
But I know my life’s better than I’ve had,
I’m more happy than I’m sad!
I don’t know what’ll be my fate,
but be aware I’m looking for a mate!
Who ever you might be,
I’m a real catch you’ll see!
I’ll never disrespect my girl,
I’ll protect and love her and make her my world!
So if you’re interested drop me a line,
I’m on twitter/tumblr/blogger/Face Book and I'm easy to find!
Duke Sherman

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