Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Next My Dream Be true

~Be that of lust I lye awake
in thought be that of you~
~In that I crave be that in take
of you the night be through~
~To wash my face between your legs
in that be of a meal~
~Taste within be make you beg
be Heavenly surreal~
~To suck in that be of your clit
drive you near insane~
~Drink of that your cumming spit
in that your pleasured pain~
~Be that of you to grasp my shaft
suck in the total whole~
~Play with that be of my sack
swallow down the load~
~To know of that your beauty lyes
the rounding of your breast~
~To tender kiss be suck your tides
incite your senses crest~
~To penetrate in that of love
be that of stride in thrust~
~Entangle be our tongues in of 
our ecstasy of lust~ 
~Move in and out in stimulate
the cumming of my seed~
~Slow be steady hesitate
to cum as one will be~
~This night alone I sleep our bed
aroused in dream of you~
~Be that I know within my head
the next my dream be true~
Duke Sherman



~You are the glad in Winters bring
of that the sound of Christmas sing~

~You are the fresh a Springtime day
the sweet perfume a flower spray~

~You are the wind be from the West
of that the warm of Summers best~

~You are the Grace Thanks Giving call
the fetching paint be in the Fall~

~Like that of Winter Glad tidings be
you bring but joy and peace to me~

~Like that of Spring be new a start
you keep me young and brisk of heart~

~Like that the warm of Summers wind
you are my soul be deep within~

~Like that the Fall Thanks Giving give
I thank the Lord in that you live~

~Like that paint be Crimson gold
be that your beauty in tenfold~

~In that the Seasons be of four
you are my all in I adore~

~I love you~

Duke Sherman

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Night

~Last be of night I lie in thought
within my dream I burned~
~To suck in kiss your special spot
make you moan and yearn~
~In that be of between my legs
to simmer be in steam~
~You jerk emote cry out in beg
give me what I need~
~Be that I am between your thighs
tonging be in tease~
~I place my tongue be that inside
fondle be your clit~
~Be in be out in motion bout 
unto your cumming spit~
~Be that of next you drop your knees
to pleasure be my stout~
~You swallow down be that of ease
taking in the shaft~
~I feel the pain be that within
you grasp my seeding sack~
~Be that to cause my seed extend
greater be the flow~
~Be firm the squeeze you suck it down
taking in the load~
~We rest awhile drink of wine
cuddle kiss and play~
~In lusting be of intertwine
be that in bed we lay~
~Be Missionary Dogie style 
be that of Sixty nine~
~Make love in each be of awhile
be in of all the night~
~Be but a dream in wishing of
in that you be not mine~
~One day I will confess my love
but now not be the time~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Fire Off A Blast

~You are in that my flaming heat
the burn my blood of fire~
~A screaming gush a pounding beat
be of my heart desire~
~Be hot the blood be run my veins
like that the flow of lava run
~In that my loin I feel a pain
within my seed be spun~
~I hunger taste be that within
imbued between your legs~
~In that the sweet of nectarine
be that my tasting crave~
~To finger that your rearing hole
while drinking my delight~
~Bring you climax be my goal
of pleasure be incite~
~To have you choke my manning tool
and swallow down the shaft~
~Gently squeeze my Family jewels
and tease the seed from sack~
~Next I climb your tenderness
be that your skin in length~
~To suck on that be of your breast
your nipples pumping veins~
~Tender touch in tonging of
your dark areola round~
~In sweet caress erogenous
be that sensations mount~
~Feel your breath be on my neck
send shivers down my spine~
~Fondle you to keep you wet
in ready be entwined~
~Lye flat on that be of my back
you straddle me atop~
~Slip my tool your lusting crack
inviting wet be hot~
~You ride me like a bucking Bronc
while fingering your clit
~Be that to take my seed in want
in mix the cumming spit~
~Within my jewels I feel the strain
shooting up my shaft~
~Be that so sweet be of the pain
I fire off a blast~
~You look with that a grin at me
and ask me for some more~
~I answer yes most certainly
ready your lusting core~
~I drive it in be jolting thrust
deep within your burn~
~You say yes I like it rough
be that is what I yearn~
~I thrust be hard be about
ask be like you want~
~I jerk in back be hard be stout
you beg me more and cry savant~
~I feel the cumming pain again
burning in the shaft~
~You say to me your near the end
and rip be scratch my back~
~Be that as one we climax same
 jerk in motion quivering~
~Be climax in you scream my name
embrace we do in shimmering~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Be That Of Night In Rendezvous

~My hunger begs be that my spew
between my legs the burn~
~Be that a night of rendezvous
to take of you I yearn~
~To run my lips the length your skin
taste the tender of~
~To feel the beat your heart within
be that of making love~
~Caress your breast in tenderness
be fondle that below~
~Wrap your doughy nipples in my lips
suck them ‘til they flow~
~To bask in that between your legs
drink from that the spout~
~To make you bawl in that of beg
while sucking in my stout~
~Spread your wings be open wide
place my tongue within~
~Taste the wetness be inside
be cause you swoon herein~
~Turn round about be on our knees
facing front to rear~
~Penetrate of thrusting sieze
like that a driven spear~
~Drive in be out round about
like that a mounted Steed~
~Unto the point I hear you shout
let go my spewing seed~
~To hear you beg for more be more
the long be of the night~
~To satisfy your lusting core
be that my sweet delight~ 
Duke Duke

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Night Of Reminisce

~Be that my loin there burns desire
hot be roaring flames of fire~
~Between my legs the bag be full
swollen mass be that a Bull~
~Within be stand in begging pain
to feel the pleasure be the strain~
~I want to watch as you disrobe
of that your naked be exposed~
~To wash your body with my eyes
bury my head within your thighs~
~To drink of that your sweating clit
be that of flowing nectar spit~
~To feel your hand be run my shaft
be up be down within your grasp~
~Gently slip the knob your mouth
be that to tease my seed to rouse~
~To kiss your breast in that caress
and know the tender of your flesh~
~To penetrate your sweet devide
and feel the warm be deep inside~
~To nibble on your swanning neck
firing emotions be every peck~
~To have our lips be meet as one
to taste of that each others tongue~
~Make love to you throughout the night
to never let this fire smite~
~To end this night of reminisce 
embraced within be that a kiss~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In That I Love You Do

~I long to know your tenderness
be your body bare~
~Breathe in the scent of roses
in that you often wear~
~To nibble on your slender neck
whisper in your ear~
~Taste the sweet your lips be wet
make your body sear~
~Ignite your every passion be
within the fire burn~
~Set your heart ablaze for me
be that your every yearn~
~To hear your whisper and your moans
be that of making love~
~Teasing every erogenous zone
in that be pleasing of~
~To hear you cry my name in pain
be that in begging more~
~To drive you damn near be insane
be that sensations soar~
~You are my wish be that desire
my every night in dream~
~My heart my soul be that on fire
my blood be hot in steam~
~My thought be that of every day
in everything I do~
~I lust for you in every way
in that I love you true~
Duke Sherman

From That Of Dawn

~You are my heart you are my soul
in that you are be all I know~
~From that of Dawn unto the Dusk
be that between you are my lust~
~You are my thought my fantasy
to take in that my giving seed~
~Between my legs I stand erect
be that my seed I must eject~
~I want to touch to kiss to taste of you
to quench my thirst your nectar brew~
~Deluge myself within your breast
bathe and kiss them in caress~
~To warm my head between your legs
and use my tongue to make you beg~
~To feel myself between your lips
tightly gripped in sucking kiss~
~To have you grasp my seeded sack
and hear you say to not hold back~
~Lye my back and let you ride
feel your fire deep inside~
~Hear you moan and scream my name
in that our fire be growing flames~
~To feel you squeeze when time to be
as juices flow in ecstasy~
~Next I take you from behind
Dogie style Mountain climb~
~Be that my hand in cup your breast
be deep my thrust my seed behest~
~Long and hard be every thrust
full of vigor full of lust~
~To once again in here you beg
to feel you burn between your legs~
~Again release my seed I do
deep and up inside of you~
~To rest awhile and go again
make love unto the night be end~
~From that of Dawn unto the Dusk
be that between you are my lust~
~You are my heart you are my soul
in that you are be all I know~
~You are my every fantasy
you are in that my ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Kindling Light

~You are in that my all desire
my kindling light begotten fire~
~I lust for you in every way
to lye within your sweet array~
~To taste your wet inviting lips
embraced in passion longing kiss~
~Caress your luscious sexy curves
arouse your every sensing nerve~
~Your breast be round voluptuous
 protruding nipples of deliciousness~ 
~I crave them in caressing kiss 
to drown myself within the bliss~
~I am in awe the thought of you
your every move in all you do~
~Your walk be of orgasmic stride
my hunger grows deep down inside~
~Your hips move motion back to forth
my thoughts be that of intercourse~
~In that my loin I have a yearn
between my legs the fire burns~
~Runs hot my blood I cannot bare
my need be great of that your tear~
~My buds be that in want of taste
the sweet in that between your legs~
~The nectar from your spitting spout
to quench the thirst within my mouth~
~I feel the weight my seed below
the pain be such within the hold~
~Release I must this burning spew
to mix with that inside of you~
~Make love to you in of the night
unto the break of dawning light~
~To have you moan in beg for more
with every move be passion soar~
~Be that you wrapped around me tight
like that be of a sucking bite~
~To share with you in pleasure be
a nightlong ride in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Blood Be Boiling

~My Darling;
~My blood be boiling my body whole
my heart in race ten times the fold~
~Desire burning emotions stirring
be that of you my all in yearning~
~To quench my thirst be wet your lips
taste the potion be of your kiss~
~Breathe in your breath inhale your soul
be that the essence of your roll~
~To kiss your nipples with eager lips 
be that so gentle in caress~
~Stimulate intoxicate your senses be
to that of pure in ecstasy~
~To touch your every inviting curve
be that of foreplay in allure~
~Watch you quiver be in excite
much to that be my delight~
~Feel your heat inside be out
be grow intense as we indulge~
~Be that I take you on a ride
in that your grasp be me in stride~
~Of that our craving be of lust
with that of every be my thrust~
~To stop in pause be deep inside
and feel your body electrify~
~Pull out and in and back again 
be that come forth of lovers pain~
~Hear my name in anguished bliss
be that itself a stimulus ~
~Complete the deed as be of one
not regret what we had done~
~To end in that you be my arms
you are my all in that I yearn~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Love You More

~My Love;
~I love you more than never was
I love you more hereafter of~
~Mere your presence my heart be race
be double time the normal pace~
~My body yearns for that your touch
be that my heart’s desired clutch~
~My blood runs hot be that of fire
be that my lusting must transpire~
~To hold you have you lye with me
beset my aching to be free~
~To hear your whisper in my ear
make love to me I love you Dear~
~To feel your breath caress my neck
to taste your lips be sweet the wet~
~To breathe your scent be that a rose
imbue my taste be in dispose~
~To be as one in of the night
to feel the warm be in your side~
~To make you feel as n’other can
to hear you say I am your man~
~To hold you safe be close to me
to hear the rhyme your heart in beat~
~You are my mate be that my soul
your are of that the Heavens glow~
~My all my be my deepest desire
you be of that my blooded fire~
~I love you more than never was
I love you more hereafter of~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, October 16, 2011

You Be The Flame

~In that my soul there burns a flame
be that of fire I cannot tame~
~Be that it spread unto my heart
in so be that I must impart~
~You be the flame inside me burn
in that be of eternal yearn~
~With but one look into your eyes
was that the spark ignite inside~
~The sweet be hot of that your lips
were that my dreams come true one kiss~
~The warm your skin be that to mine
could be of melding lava climb~
~We spent the night in that of lust
making love be in robust~
~The fire burnt throughout the night
intense be iceberg could not smite~
~Now still the fire burns in me
hotter be the first degree~
~My thoughts be yours my every breath
be that your touch your soft caress~
~In of the of night I lye awake
in thought be that a fire break~
~Be that so great the fire be
my only pray you lye with me~
~I need you like fire needs air
you be my heart eternal flair~
~Your kiss divine be hot it is
I be in that eternal bliss~
~Be that you lye in close to me
your warmth be that in Heavenly~
~Be that the fire be in love
you are my want my only of~
~In that I ask you be of me
and set this fire inside me free~
~To always burn as one inflame 
in that of love to never tame~
Duke Sherman

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Love You For Has Always Been

~One wish to have one wish to be
to have you be in love with me~
~I hunger so to taste your lips
to know the softness be your kiss~
~To hear you say those words of three
to have you lay be next to me~
~To feel your breath my naked skin
to know your fire from within~
~To hear your heart beat from your chest
be that my head be lay in rest~
~To know your deepest secret thought
to have it be in me you want~
~To mold your body in caress
be that the tender be your flesh~
~To hold you be all through the night
and wake the morn you be my side~
~To have your soul in mate with mind
unto the day be end of time~
~I love for you has always been
from that the time before of when~
Duke Sherman


~Tonight I lay alone my bed
you be my every thought my head~
~I close my eyes be that to sleep
to find myself in tears of weep~
~I hear the whisper in the wind
the sound be pain my cry within~
~The chill imbues my room in gloom
be that the cold within a tomb~
~My bed like that a casket be
alone I lay be only me~
~I look my window to the sky
and ask my God be Heaven why~
~You were my heart my very soul
my life be that my all I know~
~I miss your touch your tenderness
the sweet your kiss I reminisce~ 
~The warmth your body close to me
the way you filled my heart in glee~
~My soul now empty my heart in cry
you were my strength my reason why~
~My every wake be day and night
I pray again you be my side~
~If that be Heaven I welcome death
with you my mind be last my breath~
~Be once again your sweet embrace
forever be in full of Grace~
Duke Sherman