Sunday, October 16, 2011

You Be The Flame

~In that my soul there burns a flame
be that of fire I cannot tame~
~Be that it spread unto my heart
in so be that I must impart~
~You be the flame inside me burn
in that be of eternal yearn~
~With but one look into your eyes
was that the spark ignite inside~
~The sweet be hot of that your lips
were that my dreams come true one kiss~
~The warm your skin be that to mine
could be of melding lava climb~
~We spent the night in that of lust
making love be in robust~
~The fire burnt throughout the night
intense be iceberg could not smite~
~Now still the fire burns in me
hotter be the first degree~
~My thoughts be yours my every breath
be that your touch your soft caress~
~In of the of night I lye awake
in thought be that a fire break~
~Be that so great the fire be
my only pray you lye with me~
~I need you like fire needs air
you be my heart eternal flair~
~Your kiss divine be hot it is
I be in that eternal bliss~
~Be that you lye in close to me
your warmth be that in Heavenly~
~Be that the fire be in love
you are my want my only of~
~In that I ask you be of me
and set this fire inside me free~
~To always burn as one inflame 
in that of love to never tame~
Duke Sherman

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