Thursday, October 6, 2011

Smile (Put to music)

~You are the glad in Winters bring
of that the sound of Christmas sing~

~You are the fresh a Springtime day
the sweet perfume a flower spray~

~You are the wind be from the West
of that the warm of Summers best~

~You are the Grace Thanks Giving call
the fetching paint be in the Fall~

~Like that of Winter Glad tidings be
you bring but joy and peace to me~

~Like that of Spring be new a start
you keep me young and brisk of heart~

~Like that the warm of Summers wind
you are my soul be deep within~

~Like that the Fall Thanks Giving give
I thank the Lord in that you live~

~Like that paint be Crimson gold
be that your beauty in tenfold~

~In that the Seasons be of four
you are my all in I adore~

~I love you~

Duke Sherman

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