Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Stare A Bit

~I see you first be hence my sleep
as that the beauty a rose in keep~
~Like that be in anew her bloom
your essence fills the whole of room~
~Be still you in your slumber be
I stare a bit in Wondrously~  
~You take my breath as that of fire
my soul within be burn desire~
~I brush your face in slight caress
my lips to yours I steal a kiss~
~Within my heart my soul I weep
to know your love is mine to keep~
~The softness be your sweet in lips
be that of knowing tenderness~
~The tears be sweet of Heaven send
to this my love will have no end~
~To know the joy you bring each day
even when the times be gray~
~To know each night you be my side
to feel the warmth your body lie~
~Feel your heart beat in your chest
be that my head lie when in rest~
~To feel your breath in kiss my neck
the sweet be tingles within beget~
~To wake the morn and see you there
to once again take in a stare~
~And when you wake in that you say
I love you Darling stay in lay~
Duke Sherman

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