Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sir Sherman

 ~I Dreamt the last I was your Knight
in shining Armor to bid your fight~

~My Damsel be that in distress
to free you be my only quest~

~I rode my horse be that of breed
of mighty stallion a valiant Steed~

~My Sword unsheathed my shoulder Armed
to free my maid from that of harm~

~We rode the fire be Dragons breath
and fought the fight to battle death~

~The Dragon roared I struck his heart
a might be blow in through be hard~

~Be great the pain he felled the ground
I took his head the Dragon Crown~

~I passed the dark be that a Moat 
filled with tar afire float~

~Be that beyond the Castle Black
dressed the walls of bone in Vast~

~I crossed the Draw into the Fort
in that my hand my swift be Sword~

~A Knight in black of statute be
came forth a challenge joust of me~

~Accept I did my quest be done
to conquer all or just be one~

~My Sword my hand again I fight
be this in battle cut down a Knight~

~The fight be long much blood be spilt
a lucky blow his doom be felt~

~He fall his knees I take his head
the Knight in lay the ground be dead~

~Beyond the Court one hundred steps
in lye my Damsel in distress~

~To that a rock be she is chained 
in of her eyes be filled in pain~

~A giant Dog two headed Beast
be that of guard below her feet~

~Be that my quest to near the end
to Hell this Beast my Sword to send~

~I lunge at him a terrible blow
one head be gone one more to go~

~The other be left in tears of cry
in that the his Brother begone in die~

~The fight be over the Beast retreats
in that of sorrow concedes defeat~ 

~I break the chains my Damsel free 
awake I do from that my Dream~

 Duke Sherman

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