Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Of Heaven's Bliss


~I beg your lips
to quench my taste~
~Of Heaven’s Bliss
within embrace~
~To feel your breath
imbue my soul~
~Against my flesh
my body whole~
~To know your love
belongs to me~
~Ignites my blood
in ecstasy~
~The fire burns
so very hot~
~You are my yearn
my only thought~
~My every dream
my all of sleep~
~My body screams
my hunger pleads~
~For your embrace
in Heaven’s Bliss~
~My senses beg
for your sweet kiss~
Duke Sherman

She's But A Dream


~She’s but a dream
of long ago~
~A dream of she
who stole my soul~
~Imbued my heart
with hungered lust~
~My veins in charred 
with fired blood~
~Of heat so great
but yet so sweet~
~My mind of state
was ecstasy~
~My thoughts were her’s
for her Command~
~Her every verse
was my Demand~
~She went away
 some time ago~
~My mind betrayed
she stole my soul~
~Many of score
has come to past~
~No dreams of more
since they of last~
~My nights are cold
within my sleep~
~She stole my soul
forever keep~
~My hunger soars
without relief~
~Within my core
so do I bleed~
~I long for her
for what she was~
~My dreams of stir
so full of lust~
~To feel the warmth
to know her touch~
~Within my arms
of making love~
~She’s but a dream
of long ago~
~A dream of she
who stole my soul~
Duke Sherman