Monday, January 31, 2011

I Wish It Could Be

I wish it could be,
just her and me.
The love of my life,
just me and my wife.
No worries in the world,
just love between me and my girl.
We’d stay in bed all of the day,
and make love in all sorts of ways.
I love her so very much,
and i love her special touch.
When she kisses me,
I feel so Heavenly!
And at climaxation,
I have this enormous revelation.
I’ve found the woman of my Dreams,
she’s been with me since we were teens.
She leaves me nothing to want,
except maybe more of what she’s got.
She’s so very lovely,
and she moves quite pleasantly! 
I never want to be with another girl,
not in all of this or any world!
My life has been completed,
and my Soul has been heated!
Heated with desire,
hot like a burning fire.
I couldn’t stand to be without her,
my heart would break; my being would be hurt.
She’s the makeup of what defines my life,
without her I couldn’t survive.
She’s the only one for me,
and without her I couldn’t be.
I wish it could be,
just her and me!
Duke Sherman

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give Me A Chance?

Have not a bit of fear my dear,
‘cause the one who loves you is here!
You know that pathetic fool,
he didn’t love you!
You’ve given him all you had,
and he’s done nothing but treat you bad!
He cheated on you every night,
then came home and started a fight!
He spent all of your money,
and you deserve much better Honey! 
Give me a chance,
to show you real Romance?
I’ve loved you always,
and I will ‘til the end of my days!
I’ll treat you like a Lady,
and I’ll take care of your Baby!
He’ll never hurt you again,
a new life we’ll begin!
We’ll be together in love for eternity,
and be a normal family!
I’ll make you happy Honey,
and to heck with the money!
Give me a chance,
I’ll show you real Romance! 


I’ve dreamed a Beautiful Latina,
and her name is Andrea!
Her name means Beautiful and Dared,
and she has Gorgeous Red Hair!
Her eyes are quite Brown,
most beautiful all around!
My soul burns with the heat of desire,
and it’s impossible to put out this fire!
The blood rushes to my head,
for this Beautiful Redhead! 
I would drop to my knees,
for one of her sweet kisses to receive!
My mind overflows with love for Andrea,
That most beautiful of all Latinas!
My life would be complete,
if Andrea and I were to meet!
Duke Shermann

Angel's Teardrops

You ever thought about the rain?
They say it’s teardrops of Angels in pain!
Crying for mankind on earth,
and the evil done to her!
The rain seems to clean the air,
and rebirth that which is bare!
But as time goes by,
mankind even pollutes the sky!
Will we ever learn my friends,
that the world is coming to an end?
Caused by what we’ve done,
each and everyone!
God created this earth perfect in every way,
and yet we destroy it day after day!
People are dying of cancer and other things,
not a reason for the Angels to sing!
Mankind are creating these illnesses,
caused by their own stupid recklessness!
They think they’re benefiting their fellow man,
they should have followed God’s plan!
Our lands are becoming that of waist,
and our water has a funny taste!
The air we breathe,
gives us no relief!
The Animals are dying too,
from the things mankind do!
The fish in the sea,
are no longer healthy to eat!
Soon mankind will be gone,
because of what they’ve done!
We’ve created on earth a new Hell,
with no one to blame but ourselves!
Duke Sherman

You Still Awake?

Hi Baby; you still awake?
You have a little time I can take?
I’ve been thinking of us allot these days,
you’ve made me happy in so many ways!
I can’t help but to remember,
that night twenty years ago this December!
I took you in my arms for the first time,
and asked you to to be mine!
It was the first time I told you,
how very much I loved you!
We were in Times Square,
there were people everywhere!
It was New Years Eve,
I was so nervous you wouldn’t believe!
One minute to Midnight,
you were beautiful in the City lights!
It was our third date,
but I already knew ,
I wanted you for my mate!
My heart was full of love for you!
We stayed out all that night,
until the morning shined it’s light!
The thing that made that night the best,
is that your answer was yes!
As these twenty years have passed,
I’ve tried to make every day last!
Every moment I’ve spent with you,       
you’ve made me feel brand new!
I love you more every day that passes by,
and my every thought you occupy!
I love you my Darling and you’re my life,
I just wanted to thank you for becoming my wife!
Duke Sherman

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beautiful Lady Of The Lake

Lady Of The Lake
Beautiful Lady of the Lake,
how you make my heart break!
Your loveliness is beyond compare,
None more beautiful anywhere!
I love you with all my heart,
and yet you tear it apart!
You’re a Mystical Goddess,
sworn to protect Excalibur!
Will have no Mortal man,
to take your hand!
Though I can’t have you,
my heart is to yours do with what you’ll do!
Duke Sherman

I've Loved You Since Way Back When

A pretty girl tried to flirt with me today,
I found myself looking away!
The only thing I could think of,
was you my love!
Since we’ve been together,
I  know there’s nothing better-
than the love we have for one another!
And you are the most beautiful woman ever!
You light up and complete my life,
and you make me feel so alive!
Never did I think to return the flirt,
that would’ve been absurd!
My heart belongs to only you,
God knows I’m telling you true!
I’m a one woman man,
and there’s none more beautiful in all the land-
than the one wearing my wedding band!
You’re the girl of my Dreams,
and have been since we were teens!
Not a day goes by,
I don’t look to the sky,
and thank God you entered my life,
and he made you my wife!
I’ve loved you since way back when,
and I’ll love you ‘til time comes to an end!
I Love You:
Duke Sherman

When You Call Me Your Boo!

I love when you,
call me your Boo!
It makes me feel special,
like getting a Gold Medal!
And when you run your fingers through my hair,
and whisper sweet nothings in my ear!
These things tingle my every desire,
and all my sensations begin to transpire!
My heart begins to beat at the rate of locomotion,
and you tickle my emotions!
And when you wink at me and blow me a kiss,
the thought of having you I can hardly resist!
At night when you lay next to me,
I know I’m the happiest man that could be!
It’ the little things that you do,
that makes me want and love you!
I love you now more than ever,
to choose another I wouldn’t endeavor!
Duke Sherman

A Secret Lover

DUKE Sherman
If I said one of you's my secret lover,
would you think I'm a bummer?
Would you know who you were,
would you really know for sure?
I think you're the prettiest girl,
in all the world!
I love you with all of my heart,
I have from the very start!
Do you think  that I'm cool,
or do you think me a fool?
Do you know who you are,
You live away from me so far!
Though you live far away,
I think of you every day!
I'm willing to bet,
you haven't guessed yet!
You have pretty blue eyes,
the color of the sky!
You have wavy brown hair,
the most beautiful anywhere!
You speak with an accent,
one of Heavenly descent!
You think very much like me,
your heart is happy and free!
Have you figured it out,
who I'm talking about?
I've prayed every night,
that you see the light!
The light you'd see,
would guide you to me!
No more can I say or do,
but to say I truly love you!
Duke Sherman

Friday, January 28, 2011

I Wish We Could Be

I wish we could be,
on an Island far away.
Just you and me,
living each and every day,
so happy and free,
in every way!
No clothes we would wear,
we’d run around bare.
We’d do what we want,
no one to say we could not.
At night we’d set a fire,
and lay side by side.
We’d fulfill our every desire,
and wouldn’t have to hide.
We wouldn’t need anyone else,
just you and myself.
We’d live off the land,
like God meant for man.
In the day we’d swim in the sea.
We’d live out our lives happily.
I wish we could be!!!

Duke Sherman

I Love You

I love thinking of you,
and all the little things you do!
The way you take me by the hand,
and say: You’re happy I’m your man!
The way you’ll go out of your way,
to assure I have a good day!
When you meet me at the door,
wearing that Negligee I adore!
The perfume you wear for me,
my favorite called “Desire Me”!
When you kiss me and say:
You love me more every day!
I watch you sometimes as you sleep,
and think of how you’ve made my life complete!
I love the little things you do,
but more than that: I Love You!
Duke Sherman

Thursday, January 27, 2011

She's On The Other Side Of The World

Racheal Martins
I’m in love with a beautiful girl,
but she’s on the other side of the world!
Still I love her with all my being,
other girls I’m not seeing!
She’s my each and every fantasy,
but I feel as if I’m bound to Chasity!
I dream of her every night,
and think of her during daylight!
Her complexion is dark,
and on her skin there’s not a mark!
Her eyes are dark brown,
and oval round!
And when she looks at you,
your heart burns through and through!
Her hair is also brown and tinted of red,
she looks like a model some have said!
Her lips are the color of peach,
for her sweet kiss I want to reach!
To love this girl,
is my whole world!
To possess the love of this woman,
makes me the luckiest of all man! 
I will always endeavor,
to make her happy forever!
Duke Sherman

Come Lay Next To Me

Come lay next to me,
we’ll make love in sweet harmony!
We’ll make the night last,
until the morning’s past!
I want to touch your lovely body,
so very Heavenly!
I want to smell the scent of you,
and your sweet perfume!
I want to feel you next to me,
a night to remember it’ll be!
I want to love you all night long,
with that there’s nothing wrong!
I want to feel your hair across my skin,
my desires set afire from within!
I’ll shiver in pure unadulterated  Ecstasy,
why you fill my every Fantasy!
I’m extremely excited,
just thinking about it!
After we’ll cuddle and hold each other,
and as always we’ll discover,
how much we love one another!
Duke Sherman