Saturday, January 22, 2011

Will You Remember?

Will you remember-
when my life has ended?
Or will you dismember-
my memory?
Will you visit me-
at the cemetery?
Under the old oak tree-
is where I’ll be!
For me, will you pray-
every day?
Will I stay in your heart-
like in the very start?
Or will you forget me-
and me, never come see?
Will you be with me-
at the very end?
Or will you send-
a friend?
Do you love me-
as God meant it to be?
Was our life together-
worse or better?
Did I treat you right?
I tried, with all my might!
Though my life will die-
my soul will fly-
and watch over you-
Until time is through!
Never doubt that I’m there-
I will be everywhere!
And when you think of me-
come to the old oak tree!
Duke Sherman

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