Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My "Lady Luck"

Are you sure your name’s not “Lady Luck”,
‘cause you make me feel like a million bucks!
You make me feel brand new,
before you I never knew what to do!
You give me confidence to live again,
never so happy have I been!
I am a lucky man,
luckiest in all the land!
Since you came into my life,
I’ve done nothing but thrive!
I feel like I can do anything,
and I want to give you everything!
I’ve prospered in the act of love,
you must have been sent from Heaven above!
I don’t need allot of money,
I only need you Honey!
You’ve given me a Brand new start,
and put love in my heart!
What more can a man want,
but to be your savant!
I learn more every day,
to be a better man in every way!
I make this promise to you:
I have and always will love you!
Duke Sherman

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