Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love You So Much

My Darling:
I Love you so much-
I long to touch-
your face so tender-
and your body so slender!
To you-
I will always be true!
I miss your sweet kiss-
‘tis in my every wish!
You’re my Destiny-
and my every Fantasy!
I’m Mesmerized-
especially when-
I look into your eyes!
My Heart flutters-
and I stutter-
when ever I’m-
near you every time!
At sad movies you cry-
I see you-
so I too-
Your voice so smooth-
a wild beast it could sooth!
Your hair so blond-
of that I am fond!
Your lips so sweet-
I can think of no better treat!
Your skin so soft-
for all but me, Hands off!
Your coke bottle Figure-
my mind can hardly configure!
I see an Angel in you-
I cannot say it more true!
you’ve saved me from Hell!
 Dream I do-
of only you!
I Love you so much!

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