Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please Don't Go?

My Darling;
Don’t go!
I won’t survive-
I will die!
My life you command-
I Have no demands.
Please Understand?
For you-
it’s true,
I have this burning desire-
it’s like the hottest fire!
In me, it’s deep down inside-
it’s what keeps me alive.
If you go-
I know-
deep in my soul-
your sweet kiss-
I will miss-
Darling, I will no longer exist!
From the beginning,
and never ending-
my heart has been your’s!
Please don’t walk out that door?
I have never strayed-
that’s a game I don’t play!
You are my every desire-
you set my soul on fire!
Please don’t go?
Duke Sherman

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