Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Still Awake?

Hi Baby; you still awake?
You have a little time I can take?
I’ve been thinking of us allot these days,
you’ve made me happy in so many ways!
I can’t help but to remember,
that night twenty years ago this December!
I took you in my arms for the first time,
and asked you to to be mine!
It was the first time I told you,
how very much I loved you!
We were in Times Square,
there were people everywhere!
It was New Years Eve,
I was so nervous you wouldn’t believe!
One minute to Midnight,
you were beautiful in the City lights!
It was our third date,
but I already knew ,
I wanted you for my mate!
My heart was full of love for you!
We stayed out all that night,
until the morning shined it’s light!
The thing that made that night the best,
is that your answer was yes!
As these twenty years have passed,
I’ve tried to make every day last!
Every moment I’ve spent with you,       
you’ve made me feel brand new!
I love you more every day that passes by,
and my every thought you occupy!
I love you my Darling and you’re my life,
I just wanted to thank you for becoming my wife!
Duke Sherman

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