Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Think Of You

As I watch the stars-
in the sky, away so far-
 I think of you-
and your love so true!
 Your beauty so bright -
 like the shining moon light!
 Your lips so sweet -
like the sugar beet!
Your eyes the most green-
of which, I’ve never seen!
You smile with, such a gleam-
 it will make any man dream!
You move with a such a groove-
 I have to watch you move!
To know you’re mine-
 is a feeling so fine-
 I love you my Dear-
 you’ll never fear-
 I’ll always be true-
to you!
You’re my reason to live-
 for you, my life I would give-
 From you, I’ll never stray-
our love, I’ll not betray!
 As the years grow longer-
 so does my love grow stronger!
 So for now, I’ll say Good Night-
but soon, you’ll be in my sight-
in my dreams tonight-
“I love you”
Duke Sherman

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