Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Be Cheated On

Have you ever cheated,
on your mate?
You know you,
took the Devil’s bait!
An evil feeling, 
is desire.
It sets,
your heart on fire!
The things,
you will do,
ordinarily is not you!
Hurt those,
you love,
them away,
you do shove,
as if,
they were a stray!
Have you ever have,
cheated on,
Feels like,
the world has come to an end!
Makes you feel,
like your life,
someone did steel!
You sit,
and to yourself,
cry-you want to die!
day after day,
day by day!
No matter how hard,
you try
you still want,
to die!
Before your time,
You get old,
what a crime,
not good for your soul!
Best bet,
on with your life get!
Release them from,
your heart,
a new life can start.
If they say,
take me back?
that’s crap,
agsin they will stray!
So take it from me,
and set yourself free,
There’s plenty,
of fish in the sea!
Duke Sherman

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