Saturday, January 22, 2011


Often-I’m sad
My thoughts-are sometimes bad
I live-day to day
And-I pray
God-I say
Make the dreams go away
I seen the horror
Of war
When I sleep
The “Boogy Man” creeps
For my sake
I stay awake
I stay so wet
Day and night-I sweat
So long-are the nights
So full of frights
I never know
How my day will go
Friends-I have few
Not many-do I make new
Those who know me
Fail to see
Or Understand
How-as a Soldier, I could kill a man
My hopes are high
That-when I die
Open-will be the “Pearly Gates”
The Devil-my Soul not take
A Veterans Cemetary
I want to be buried
My Brothers are there
Not elsewhere
I ask of you
Make this wish come true
And plant a tree
As an extension of me
Under it sit
When me-you visit
Think of me well
And pray-I don’t go to Hell
And-that the Angels sing
For God-to give me my wings
Sgt Duke Sherman Viet Nam Veteran

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