Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Soldier

A Soldier
A soldier-
is much bolder-
any ordinary man!
For God and-
he must stand!
There is no retry-
just do or die!
He protects-
our nation!
He doesn’t object-
he’s our salvation!
His life on the line-
his home on his mind!
Still he fights-
for his nation’s rights!
Why pray tel-
would he go to hell?
Some people like Murtha-
say he’s done murder!
Ignorant they are-
their mind gone so far!
Heaven bound to God’s hands-
for protecting our land!
They’ve earned their wings-
the Angels will sing.
St Gabriel will blow his horn!
St’s Michael and Raphael-
by his side!
Ring will heaven’s bells-
Pearly Gates will open wide!
A special place they’ve won-
for a job well done!
Duke Sherman

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