Wednesday, June 14, 2017


~I am a Warrior
true and proud~
~I know no barrier
my cry is loud~
~I go to battle
to keep us free~
~My soul be rattled
  but keep my decree~
~Now I ask of you in pray
forget us not in what you do~
~We fight at night we fight the day
we fight for Freedom we fight for you~~

Duke Sherman

Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Pray You Hear

~My Lord My God I Pray you hear
keep us from our every fear~
~Take away this evil curse
polluting our world with Satan's verse~
~Give us strength to end the war
bring peace to those who live in Horror~
~Bring our Soldiers home to stay
and grant their each and every Pray~
~Bring our Leaders to understand
"We The People" are in Command~
~Stop the petty in what they play
for they have surely gone astray~
~So many died for this our Land
for our Flag for "Which It Stands"~
~Bless us Lord in every way
God Bless This Land The USA~