Friday, April 29, 2011

Before You

Before You
~My Darling you’re always on my mind
without you peace I’d never find~
~Baby you hold me together
with you anything I can weather~
~You’re the reason I awake every day
and I love you in every way~
~Before you life was but an existence
you entered mine and made a difference~
~You took away all the doubt inside of me
and shined the light of hope so I could see~
~You conquered my loneliness and my despair
you gave me strength and true Adair~ 
~The strife that engulfed my every thought
gave me reason for the death I sought~ 
~Now I strive to live for every day to come
no longer these thoughts do I succumb~
~Like a dream you came from nowhere
and showed a fool it was possible to care~
~What you seen in me I do not know
but you lifted me from my lowest of low~
~You stood by me through good and bad
in the worst somehow taking away the sad~
~You’ve given me a baby boy and a girl
and there’s no man happier in this world~
~Thank you my love and reason to live
thank you for all you do and give~
              ~I love you~
Duke Sherman 

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Life Is In Despair

~My God in Heaven hear my prayer
my life has fallen to despair~
~My day’s leave me but in distress
help me to end this loneliness~
~Give me someone to have and hold
to be together and grow old~
~No longer can I be alone
my heart’s not made of what is stone~
~Forsaken so long by love I’ve been
and longed for the touch of a woman again~
~Emptiness has devoured my soul
no longer I feel as I am whole~
~My nights are long I cannot sleep
sometimes I find myself in weep~
~I fear my God my life will end
if soon a love you do not send~
~My God my God I ask of thee
my God please end this agony~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mon amour

 ~Mon amour
it’s you I adore~
~I love you I do
all I think of is you~
~From Heaven above
I was blessed with your love~
~You’re the essence of happiness
taking away all that is sadness~
~You’re the sun in my day the moon in my night~
~the stars in the sky that shine so bright~
~The air I breathe the beat of my heart
and the bond keeping me from falling apart~
~You’re all in this world that makes me whole
and the peace in my life that gives me a soul~
~My darling my love my all that can be
you’re what is that of my destiny~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You're The Perfection Of Love

 ~You give me love every day
making my life complete in every way~
~You’ve taken away my loneliness 
and freed me from my abyss~
~The perfection of what love should be
you fulfill my life’s destiny~
~Before you my heart was sealed in emptiness
and my soul dwelled in darkness~
~You took me from darkness into the light
and delivered me from blindness and gave me sight~
~Often life’s end was on my mind
my purpose in life I couldn’t find~
~I felt lonely I felt fear
silently I cried many a tear~
~No longer my future do I not see
for you and I were meant to be~
~No longer I fret no I fear
no longer do I shed a single tear~
~You’ve given me hope where I’ve had none
and the very strength to carry on~
~You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known
and with you my life has not but grown~
~I love you my darling this I say
and love you more with every day~
~So thank you my love for all you do
and just for being you~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In All Of God's Beholdened World

 ~In all of God’s beholdened world
I’ve found the most wonderful girl~
~She’s Heaven sent has to be
she walks through life Angelically~
~She’s taken my heart and made it whole
and filled the emptiness within my soul~
~She’s every beat of my heart every breath I take
she’s given me hope of a new life to make~
~I belong to her and she to me
together we’ll make true our destiny~
~Angels are sent from Heaven above
this one God sent to me to love~
~To have and to hold to keep safe
from this God’s will I’ll not strafe~
~Through the light of the day and in the dark of night
I’ll protect this Angel with all my might~
~And if my life should happen to come to an end
my soul will stay on earth and not ascend~
~I’ll stay behind and wait for her
guarding her path from all danger~
~And when the day comes to be
we’ll be together for all eternity~ 
Duke Sherman

Desire's Name

 ~My life has come to a turn
my soul’s caught afire and warmly burns!
~My heart has filled with love’s desire
and helps to feed this burning fire~
~Nadya is my Desire’s name
and is hotter than the hottest flame~
~She burns deep down inside of me
~and has sealed my total destiny~
~She’s warmed my every being of life
and given me a reason to be alive~
~To know she’s in my heart and I in hers
gives me warmth and my emotions stir~
~We are in that of total empathy
I love this girl with all infinity~
~She and I were meant to be
forever and a day her and me~
Duke Sherman

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Dream Girl

~Many years past long ago
I dreamt of a girl my heart foretold~
~She was blonde beautiful but younger than me
set my soul on fire and made me believe~
~That possible was love to be had again
and made me feel so very much like a man~
~She spoke like an Angel gentle and soft
sent my every emotion flying aloft~
~My body tingled my heart would race
for this girl sent from Heaven so full of grace~
~A gift from God the dream’s come to pass
in my heart this girl is living at last~
~She gives me hope when I am weak
with every breath of a word she does speak~
~Like the dream blonde but more beautiful is she
no more lovelier in this world could there ever be~
~My heart does race my emotions run wild
I feel giddy and happy much like a child~
~I think only of her throughout every day
and how to bring her happiness in every way~
~She’s the wind beneath my wings the air I breath
to her love my life I do hereby bequeath~
~She’s given me reason where I’ve had none
and the strength in my soul to carry on~
~I’m beckoned to her each and every call
and would without hesitation give her my all~
~I believe in my heart we were meant to be
and she's truly my soul mate and destiny~
Duke Sherman 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Napa Valley Marriott Daily

Duke Sherman
The Napa Valley Marriott Daily
Eve’s Paradox - Eve’s a Beautiful Diva of flaming desire,she sets all men’s hearts on fire!They burn like the flame of white tetrahedron,so hot they melt and to her being are bound!With just a wave of her gentle h…

evesparadoxI Love You My Darling Black Is Beautiful My Heart Yearns For Affection A Bedside Prayer DeAnnah Natasha Forever I Love You In Every Way -  ~As I watched you sleep in the nightI knew the joy you’ve brought to my life~~I reminisced the times we’ve hadhow you’ve always took away my sad~~It brought to mind at first we meta day in my life..     

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Destiny

 ~My heart aches for the one I love
suddenly there’s nothing else I think of~
~She’s filled my soul with that of desire
burning through me like white hot fire~
~My days are filled with thoughts of her
and emotions from within that she stirs~
~She’s awakened from sleep my feelings within
and made it possible for me to love again~
~I hold her image close to my heart
anticipating the day we’re no longer apart~
~My nights are filled with dreams of being together
living in love throughout time forever~
~I give thanks to my God who created my love
and pray for his blessings from Heaven above~
~I ask he brings her here to me
fulling my dreams of destiny~
~She’s my heart my soul and reason to live
for her love my life I’d willingly give~
~Many of days have passed me by
many tears have come to my eyes~
~A chance at happiness with this girl
has given me purpose again in the world~
Duke Sherman


 ~My Darling so Beautiful are you                         Free Photo of A Single Red Rose
from within to the outside through~
~You entered my life by capturing my heart
without you is tearing my soul apart~
~I’m drawn to you I don’t know why
but without you my soul would surly die~
~I truly believe you’re Angelically born
put here on earth my life to adorn~
~My desire is strong to know of your love
to become as one Blessed by God from above~
~You’ve taken me back to when I was young
when speaking to you I feel twenty-one~
~Like a boy my insides tingle with anticipitation
of what I will say in our next conversation~
~There’s things in my heart I want to say
but afraid if I do I’ll scare you away~
~You’re on my mind when I lay down at night
and the first thing I think of at morning’s first light~
~I ponder the thought where you’ve been all my life
why I waited so long and went through so much strife~
~So sweet are your words so tender your heart
why do we live so far apart~ 
~My feelings for you grow stronger each day
my soul burns like fire for you in every which way~
~I pray to God that the future will be
Heaven sent with you coming to me~
~I dream of the day when I taste your lips
and know the tenderness of your sweet kiss~
~To hold you in my grasp close to me
what a wondrous feeling that will be~
~We’ll lay with one another all through the night
get up at dawn and watch the sun rise~
~We’ll take long walks on the beach in the sand
walking together holding each others hand~
~My heart is yours if you want it my love
and anything else of mine you want of~
~For now I will close with you on my mind
knowing in my dreams it’s you I will find!
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fairy Princess And The Leprechaun

 ~Her Majesty the Beautiful Princess Chemoi
pride of all Fairies of the land of Croix~
~Lovelier than a rose in the mist of bloom
in love with a Leprechaun from the fields of Jarume~ 
~ Forbidden was this by the law of the land
for only a Fairy Prince was permitted her hand~
~Her hair long and dark adorned her being
brushed with the many colors of the Spring~
~Her eyes shaped like jewels and the color of brown
drew every Fairy Prince from all around!
~Jesope the Leprechaun would visit at night
and would flee before the break of early light~
~The two conceived a planned to elope
but if caught would be the death of Jesope~
~They asked the help of Queen Mother Nature
who herself was that of a magical creature~
~They told of their plight and danger it held
their love for each other was unparalleled~
~Pondered awhile Mother Nature she did
agreed to help but to elope she’d forbid~
~Two creatures in love should not be apart
no power on earth should control the heart~
~She’d intervene for she had the last say
no being on earth would dare to affray~   
~With the breath of the wind on the back of a bird
to Croix she was off to lay down the word~
~Chemoi’s father the King would hear none of this
for no law in his land would go amiss~
~Queen Nature gave warning she had the last say
all powerful was she and he had to obey~
~She commanded he declare a Royal Decree
to abolish the law again never to be~
~Chemoi and her Leprechaun would be together
in sweet bliss of love living happily ever after~
~The two were wed on the banks of Lily Pod Lake
where Leprechauns and Fairies alike did partake~
~They banded together to create them a home
in the land of the Leprechauns the fields of Jarume~
~The King forgave his daughter the Princess Chemoi
and in honor of the King she named her first boy~
~The End~
Duke Sherman

I Love You My Darling

~As I watched you sleep in the night
I knew the joy you’ve brought to my life~
~I reminisced the times we’ve had
how you’ve always took away my sad~
~It brought to mind at first we met
a day in my life I’ll never forget~
~Bereaved over my best friend’s demise
hurting so much I can’t begin to emphasize~
~You seen the pain from within my heart
and how it was tearing my soul apart~
~Like an Angel sent from God up above
not knowing me showed me comport and love~
~My pain was deep he was more my brother
more so than if we had the same mother~
~Afraid to cry I held back the tears
then you leaned over and whispered in my ear~
~Go ahead and cry don’t keep it inside
I’m here if you need me I’ll not leave your side~
~You reached over and took me into your grasp
the feeling you gave me was that of aghast~
~With my head on your breast I let out a cry
why in the hell did he have to die~
~You held me tight and said it’s alright
then went with me to my friend’s graveside~
~You stood there holding my hand in your hand
suddenly I began to understand~
~His suffering on this earth had come to an end
when my time comes I’ll see him again~
~You healed my hurt from the pain thereof
and filled my heart for you with love~
~It was then I knew we were meant to be
 you were the road to my destiny~
~Three months latter with marriage on mind
we took a trip to Whispering pines~   
~I asked for your hand and you said yes
of all the days in my life that was the best~
~You’ve given me happiness in every way
it only gets better with each passing day~
           ~I love you my Darling~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Heart Yearns For Affection

Stock photo : Man In GriefStock photo : Rememberance Day Poppy. Symbol Of Sorrow
~My heart yearns for affection
the desires of my soul's resurrection ~
~To burn inside once again
so very long has it been~
~My love is in need of another
soon it will flicker and smother~
~Like the fire it needs to be fed
or the flame will die and will not spread~
~My need is strong I cannot wait
what lyes within my destined fate~
~I ask only one thing of thee
help me end this misery~
Duke Sherman