Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love You My Darling

~As I watched you sleep in the night
I knew the joy you’ve brought to my life~
~I reminisced the times we’ve had
how you’ve always took away my sad~
~It brought to mind at first we met
a day in my life I’ll never forget~
~Bereaved over my best friend’s demise
hurting so much I can’t begin to emphasize~
~You seen the pain from within my heart
and how it was tearing my soul apart~
~Like an Angel sent from God up above
not knowing me showed me comport and love~
~My pain was deep he was more my brother
more so than if we had the same mother~
~Afraid to cry I held back the tears
then you leaned over and whispered in my ear~
~Go ahead and cry don’t keep it inside
I’m here if you need me I’ll not leave your side~
~You reached over and took me into your grasp
the feeling you gave me was that of aghast~
~With my head on your breast I let out a cry
why in the hell did he have to die~
~You held me tight and said it’s alright
then went with me to my friend’s graveside~
~You stood there holding my hand in your hand
suddenly I began to understand~
~His suffering on this earth had come to an end
when my time comes I’ll see him again~
~You healed my hurt from the pain thereof
and filled my heart for you with love~
~It was then I knew we were meant to be
 you were the road to my destiny~
~Three months latter with marriage on mind
we took a trip to Whispering pines~   
~I asked for your hand and you said yes
of all the days in my life that was the best~
~You’ve given me happiness in every way
it only gets better with each passing day~
           ~I love you my Darling~
Duke Sherman

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