Friday, April 15, 2011

My Destiny

 ~My heart aches for the one I love
suddenly there’s nothing else I think of~
~She’s filled my soul with that of desire
burning through me like white hot fire~
~My days are filled with thoughts of her
and emotions from within that she stirs~
~She’s awakened from sleep my feelings within
and made it possible for me to love again~
~I hold her image close to my heart
anticipating the day we’re no longer apart~
~My nights are filled with dreams of being together
living in love throughout time forever~
~I give thanks to my God who created my love
and pray for his blessings from Heaven above~
~I ask he brings her here to me
fulling my dreams of destiny~
~She’s my heart my soul and reason to live
for her love my life I’d willingly give~
~Many of days have passed me by
many tears have come to my eyes~
~A chance at happiness with this girl
has given me purpose again in the world~
Duke Sherman

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