Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Little Angel

~My precious precious Aishee
God Blessed the day he sent you to me~
~Guided by Angels you were born
into my life you’ve adorn~
~I never dreamed a little girl
could provide so much joy in this world~
~Angels brought you to me not long ago
now my little girl’s eleven years old~
~ Reminiscing about that special day
brings me happiness in every way~
~As I watch you grow into life that’ll be
a thousand wonders grow inside of me~
~Of the future of my little girl
and how she’ll be treated in this world~
~It’s a Daddy thing for little girls we do
because of the love we have for you~
~I love you Aishee my sweet baby girl
I love you more than all this world~
~Always know I’ll be there for you
in each and everything you do~
~There’s nothing stronger than your Daddy’s love
even after I’m gone in the hereafter of~
Your Daddy;
Muhammad Hossain
Written by Duke Sherman

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