Monday, April 4, 2011


~I’m from the Great State Of California
but twenty-nine years now lived in Louisiana~
~This state has bore me children of seven
all gifts from God in Heaven~
~Being a native from my Home State
~I never dreamed Louisiana would be my fate~
~But I’ve learned to love her as if she’s mine
and my kids all here turned out fine~
~There’s no better food in all the land
the way to the heart of every man~
~The coffee is famous beyond compare
none better can be found anywhere~
~Mardi Gras’ something for all to behold
there’s always a good story to be told~
~The people are the friendliest in all the world
there’s none more beautiful than a Louisiana girl~
~ Louisiana’s a good life if you want it to be
it hasn’t been too bad for me~
Duke Sherman

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