Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In All Of God's Beholdened World

 ~In all of God’s beholdened world
I’ve found the most wonderful girl~
~She’s Heaven sent has to be
she walks through life Angelically~
~She’s taken my heart and made it whole
and filled the emptiness within my soul~
~She’s every beat of my heart every breath I take
she’s given me hope of a new life to make~
~I belong to her and she to me
together we’ll make true our destiny~
~Angels are sent from Heaven above
this one God sent to me to love~
~To have and to hold to keep safe
from this God’s will I’ll not strafe~
~Through the light of the day and in the dark of night
I’ll protect this Angel with all my might~
~And if my life should happen to come to an end
my soul will stay on earth and not ascend~
~I’ll stay behind and wait for her
guarding her path from all danger~
~And when the day comes to be
we’ll be together for all eternity~ 
Duke Sherman

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