Saturday, April 23, 2011

You're The Perfection Of Love

 ~You give me love every day
making my life complete in every way~
~You’ve taken away my loneliness 
and freed me from my abyss~
~The perfection of what love should be
you fulfill my life’s destiny~
~Before you my heart was sealed in emptiness
and my soul dwelled in darkness~
~You took me from darkness into the light
and delivered me from blindness and gave me sight~
~Often life’s end was on my mind
my purpose in life I couldn’t find~
~I felt lonely I felt fear
silently I cried many a tear~
~No longer my future do I not see
for you and I were meant to be~
~No longer I fret no I fear
no longer do I shed a single tear~
~You’ve given me hope where I’ve had none
and the very strength to carry on~
~You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known
and with you my life has not but grown~
~I love you my darling this I say
and love you more with every day~
~So thank you my love for all you do
and just for being you~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

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