Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Natasha Forever


~There’s only been but one no other
of that my life be my lover~
~I met her long ago in school
I acted be a fool~
~Her hair of black unto the floor
eyes of chocolate in adore~
~Her beauty reigned of Roses bloom
in that the mist of June~
~Walking home from school one day
I seen her in dismay~
~Her papers fallen on the ground
wind be blowing all around~
~I seen she was in need of hand
in that be of a man~
~I rushed in that to help her out
running in all about~
~Returned her books in of her hands
she smiled giving thanks~
~One year ahead in school she was
 be that the girl I loved~
~I asked her out to be my date
she said of course if not too late~
~We went to Prom the next of night
of that in dance I held her tight~
~I walked her home in stole a kiss
of that be no resist~
~We said Goodnight of that I left
went home in never slept~
~The next my friends be give advice
in that she was entice~
~I listened  like the fool I was
in almost ending love~
~My honor shattered my heart broke
my love for Natasha would not revoke~
~I left her alone be a week in two
unto the day I seen her in school~
~She looked at me in started to cry
of that in hurt I asked her why~
~I love you fool you are my heart
in that they tear us apart~
~She said of rumors were untrue
were just to make her blue~
~Relief in sorrow came over me
in that I dropped to one knee~
~She said please hold me say it’s okay
with love in my heart I did right away~
~She is but the one in all of my life 
I thank God in that I made her my wife~
Duke Sherman

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