Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ride You In A Storm

~I want to drink in that of you
between your luscious thighs~
~Be of the nectar running spew
of that from deep inside~
~To suck on those be of your breast
 plump in rosen red~
~Dancing firmly on your chest
like that of Discotheque~
~Bend you over penetrate
feel your wet in warm~
~Reach around in grab your tits
ride you in a storm~
~Make you burn between your legs
thrusting hard in stout~
~Hot enough to fry my eggs
roused my seeding out~
~Beg in scream my name in lust
in that of wanting more~
~Take my seed be in robust
hear my body roar~
~Bodies dripping wet in sweat
blood in rushing fire~
~Again to cum I will erect
of that in burned desire~
~Into the night unto the day
take you round in round~
~In that be of in every way
our lusting Battleground~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Of Time Be Long Ago

My Dearest;

~Of that I dream in you each night
of time be long ago~
~When we were young in not so bright
in love befell us both~
~The time was then in sixty nine
before I went to war~
~One last night we intertwined
in loving be adored~
~Come back I said I would to you
in take you be my wife~
~In all I could I would in do
come back to you alive~
~You said you would in wait for me
you wore my promise ring~
~In that our lives were meant to be
from that be of begin~
~I left in night before of dawn
to catch a waiting plane~
~ En route to that of Vietnam
my heart in beating pain~
~I wrote you several times or more
with that of no reply~
~The Girl in that my heart adored
left me by my side~
~I never heard from you again
you were my everything~
~My life had come unto an end 
my heart be fevering~
~Now I dream in reminisce 
of you in every night~
~Still tasting of your lasting kiss
teardrops in my eyes~
~Of that I dream in you each night
of time be long ago~
~When we were young in not so bright
in love befell us both~
Duke Sherman

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bon appétit mon chéri

~Of that my groin be hard in stout
between my legs in twain~
~In that of you I am aroused
 my seed be in of gain~
~Within my seed of fire burns
cooking in Au-juice~
~Seared by that be of my yearn
a meal prepared for you~
~Taste be that of your delight
bitter yet in sweet~
~In guarantee to satisfy
indulging of the meat~ 
~In dine you drop unto your knees
take between your lips~
~Suck in be intensively
drink the cumming spit~
~Not to fear if hunger looms
seconds will be served~
~Be that the seed of when in strewn
multiplies in stirred~
~Bon appétit enjoy your meal
satisfy your taste~
~Indulge in that be of the meat
no need to eat in haste~ 
Duke Sherman

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quiver In Quake

~Be that in every beat my heart
my love for you imbues~
~Of that be passion burning hot
my love for you the fuel~
~My blood in that be fired heat
runs through my body through~
~Like that be lava in of creep
cooking in my spew~
~I feel the burn between my legs
in that be of my sack~
~Of that my seed be in of beg
clinging to my shaft~
~Be that be hard be round in thick
vessels bursting in~
~In that be full in cumming spit
bustling there within~
~I take you be in full embrace
be that of lusting kiss~
~Drink be sweet in that incased
within your sultry lips~
~Kiss you down unto your breast
take in the swollen nub~
~Of that be hunger in caress
in that of sucking blood~
~Run my hand between your thighs
feel the warm be wet~
~See the haze be in your eyes
in carry you to bed~
~Of that in burn be of my seed
no longer can I wait~
~Within my shaft of need to bleed
my seed in generate~
~I penetrate in that of thrust
between your legs within~
~Of that be in be out of lust
unto the cumming pain~
~You moan in sigh you quiver quake
of that your time to be~
~Of that as one be of in spate
cum in ecstasy~ 
Duke Sherman

Forbidden Sin

~Be that of fire burns within
my soul unto my heart~
~In that be of forbidden sin
be lust your sacred ark~
~Drink in that the inner flow
of nectar running sweet~
~Soak in that the afterglow
devouring the treat~
~Taste in that your breast’s mystique
suck in rosen’s fruit~
~Round in of areola’s peak
caressing of induce~
 ~Penetrate that sacred place
be that my hard in thrust~
~Hold you be in of embrace
in satisfy my lust~
~Stand in that you drop your knees
my hard in of your mouth~
~In teasing be in of my seed
roust in cum be out~
~Like that of cone be full of cream
swallow down the load~
~With that your tongue in lick it clean
of that the melting flow~
~Take you like a mighty steed
of that your plumping rear~
~Make your ark in fire bleed
between your legs in sear~
~In that the end to take you in
embrace within my arms~
~Make that of love to you again
unto the coming dawn~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Love For You Is Like A Bloom


~My love for you is like a bloom
be of in flower grows~
~Be that in of the month of June
Spring be in her flow~
~In all you are you are to me
the rain that feeds the ground~
~Of that the roots beneath the trees
that keeps them standing strong~
~The purple mountain Majesties
of amber waves of grain~
~The warm be in of summer breeze
the sweet of sugarcane~
~Of that the Dawn be of the day
in Dusk be of the night~
~The cloud in cover be of shade
the stars in shining bright~
~Softer than the touch of new
beauty be the rose~
~Eyes of sky the color blue
in Heaven’s ever glow~
~Lips be tender sweet in kiss
warm in of embrace~
~Of that be in of total bliss
full and wide in grace~
~Be that the breath each season blows
begin unto the end~
~Of that in love eternal’s glow
you are my Heaven’s send~
~My wish upon a star come true
you are in that to me~
~My love for you is like a bloom
in of the flower be~
Duke Sherman

The Poison (A Fantasy)

~Of that be fire in your eyes
poison in your lips~
~Tongues entwined be that inside
embraced within a kiss~
~The poison be in burns my blood
throughout my every vein~
~Flowing hot be that of scud
imbued in lusting pain~
~I take of that your bustling breast
nipple in my mouth~
~Feel your breath caress my neck
like warming be in soused~
~Run my hand be down your side
of that between your legs~
~Slip my finger deep inside
you moan in gasp of beg~
~Again embraced within a kiss
with fire in your eyes~
~I taste the poison in your lips
tongues entwined inside~
~In of surrender I carry you
unto my waiting bed~
~Of that my groin be of in roux
cumming to a head~
~Be hard be round be of my shaft
in that of fever be~
~In that of poison be in vast
burning of my seed~
~In that to quench I have a thirst
be sweet of wet in warm~
~I drink of that your flowing squirt
to satisfy my yearn~
~You move in that be open wide
trembling there within~
~I slip my tongue be deep inside
feel the fire’s rim~
~The poison strong has reached of point
you suck my shaft your mouth~
~In that be of be in anoint
 my burning bleed in stout~
~I feel the burn within my pain
be cumming up the shaft~
~Be that be in of shooting flame
fires off a blast~
~You suck it down in lick your lips
squeeze of taking more~
~I tease be that your rosen clit
indulging in the core~
~You moan be squirm in final squirt
my pain be not complete~
~The poison be of still in lurk
be that in of my bleed~
~Hard again I take of you
be that of making love~
~To drain be that my poisoned spew
be in  my lusting of~
~In of the night unto the day
you take my seed of me~
~Be that of each in every way
to that of ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feed The Hungered Beast

~Of that my soul be hunger burns
be that in sinful wish~
~Of that in burning of my yearn
to taste your sultry flesh~
~Drink of that within your thighs
of juices flowing sweet~
~Be that desires sinful prize
in winning of the treat~
~The fire burns into my blood
inflames my every being~
~My every thought in turns to lust
emotions overheating~
~Of that my loin be burning urge
of that in want to feed~
~Be of my groins in gushing surge
awake the silent beast~
~The beast be in of hungered pain
of that in tasting of~
~The wet be hot in burning flame
in that of making love~
~Within the belly of the beast
awaits in cumming spew~
~In that be burning of the seed
cooking be imbued~
~Of that to have you kiss the head
in that between your lips~
~Inhale be that the burning berath
in swallow of the spit~
~To feel the pain in sweet be of
cumming ecstasy~
~Of that be passion making love
in that my hunger be~
~To hold you tight in of the night
your body be in warmed~
~Wake in that of morning light
of love be that adorned~
~Make love to me ma seul chéri
In passion of the night~
~Feed this hungered cumming beast
in that of ecstacy~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Flaming Cocktail

~In that my soul a fire burns
imbued in love of you~
~Be that of lust inflames my yearn
my blood runs hot in spew~
~Of hunger grows within my loin
in harvest of my seed~
~A gushing burn runs in my groins
be that in need to feed~ 
~I long be that embrace in kiss
in tasting of your wine~
~Drink of that your within your lips
tongues be intertwined~
~Feel your breath caress my neck
kiss my inner ear~
~Suck of that your busty breast
nipples rise in seared~
~Inhale the sex be in your scent
cooing your sultry skin~
~Down in up your body’s length
unto your legs within~
~Lay my face against your thigh
warm be tender of~
~Slip my tongue be deep inside
caress your rosen bud~ 
~Sip the flowing juices sweet
of Nature’s honey dew~
~In drinking of your ecstasy
a most be cumming brew~
~To feel you take my throbbing knob
be that in jaculate~ 
~Between your lips in be your mouth
in that to generate~
~In harvest of my sewing seed
in cumming of the pain~
~Swallow down the burning feed
of cocktail be inflamed~ 
~To penetrate your sweet be of
soak within your warm~
~In of the night in making love
unto the Dawn of morn~
~In that my soul a fire burns
imbued in love of you~
~To feed be that my hungered yearn
in of the night unto~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Natasha Forever

~There’s only been but one no other
of that my life my lover~

~I met her long ago in school
I acted be a fool~

~Her hair of black unto the floor
eyes of chocolate in adore~

~Her beauty reigned of Roses bloom
in that the mist of June~

~Walking home from school one day
I seen her in dismay~

~Her papers blowing all around
had fallen on the ground~

~I seen she was in need of hand
in that be of a man~

~I rushed in that to be assist
fetched  the in a fix~

~Returned her books in of her hands
she smiled giving thanks~

~One year ahead in school she was
 be that the girl I loved~ 

 ~I asked her out to be my date
she said if not too late~

~We went to Prom the next of night
of that in dance be our delight~

~I walked her home in stole a kiss
of that be no resist~

~We said Goodnight of that I left
went home in never slept~

~The next my friends be give advice
she was of that entice~ 

 ~I listened  like the fool I was
in almost ending love~

~My honor shattered my heart in broke
my love for Natasha would not revoke~

~I left her alone be a week in two
unto one day  in school~

~She looked at me in started to cry
of that in hurt I asked her why~

~I love you fool you are my heart
in that they tear us apart~

~She said of rumors were untrue
were just to make her blue~

~Relief in sorrow came over me
in that I dropped unto one knee~

~She said please just  hold me say it’s okay
with love in my heart I did right away~ 

 ~Be that of twenty years have past 
 of love in ever last~

~She is the one of all of my life 
I thank in God she is my wife~

Duke Sherman

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanks Giving

A Tasty Bird Indeed

 1. Talk about a huge breast!

 2. Tying the legs together keeps the moist in   

 3 . It's Cool Whip time!

 4 . If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!

 5. That's one terrific spread!

 6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.

 7. Are you ready for seconds yet?

 8. Its a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

 9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some!

10. Don't play with your meat?

11. Just spread the legs open & stuff it in.

12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?

13. I didn't expect everyone come at once!

14. You still have a little bit on your chin.

15. How long will it take after you stick it in?

16. You'll know it's ready when it pops up.

Spread a little love this Holiday

Unknown Author


Poems and other music Wally and Duke

click on the link below

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The Drink


~Of that in kiss be full embrace
tongues in tasting of~
~My fingers slipped below her waist
my thought be making love~
~Of every be caressing touch
anticipation built~
~Imbuing hearts in that of lust
in bracing for the thrill~ 
~She begged in moan be that of more
I felt the warm be wet~
~Seeping from her inner core
while kissing of her neck~
~Nibbled on her ear in lip
whispered of my love~
~Stole from her another kiss
moved down her tender of~
~Licked of that her sultry breast
tasted nipples red~
~Heard her heartbeat in her chest
race in be of stress~
~She grabbed between of that my legs
my thick be hard in throb~
~Looked at me be that in beg
of taste my lusty knob~
~She sucked be in be out of tease
in generate my blood~
~Roused be that she took my seed
in swallowed down robust~
~Looked at me in that of haze
took in the lasting drop~
~My pain in that be sweet in dazed
of never ending want~
~Hunger grew inside of me
to drink of that her flow~
~Sweet of that in nectar be
spewing of in troll~
~In that I drank I played her clit
my finger up her ass~
~She jerked in moan propelling spit
be that of in surpass~
~I drank my full in flowing of
sweet be that my yearned~
~Be still I hungered be in of lust
in that of fire burned~
~Of that be need in penetrate
her Heavenly divide~
~Nest in warm between her legs
deep be that inside~
~I took her be in thrusting of
she pulled me down of in~
~Dug her nails my back in lust
blooding of my skin~
~Of that in surge I felt the burn
in cumming of my pain~
~She moaned in sigh be of my sperm
called out of lust my name~
~I filled her with my liquid seed
in of her sweet divide~
~She looked at me in ecstasy
be hazed within her eyes~
~We feel asleep in that of love
laying side beside~
~With that of kiss in ending of
a reminiscent night~
Duke Sherman