Sunday, November 13, 2011

For My Friend

~Of that the heart a fire burns
for she who falls in love~
~Be that so great in of her yearn
her thought be not thereof~
~Her love for he be not returned
nor does he even care~
~So does she love so is she spurned
her heart be stripped to bare~
~He she loved her heart he broke
the man be worthy not~
~In that of sorrow be gone her hope
for that the man she sought~
~Be that she guard her heart of lust
from love that cannot be~
~Control the flame sometimes unjust
be not her destiny~
~Be that of now so full of tears
for that the man she yearned~
~In of her heart be smolder sears
where once the fire burned~
~Take heed in that be careful of
the fire in your lust~
~Sometimes the flame of burning love
be bound in that combust~
~One day her love shall come to pass
be that of heart in true~
~Her love will burn in everlast
in that be of anew~
~Be she I speak be of my friend
within my heart she be~
~I pray for her that in the end
her heart again will glee~
Duke Sherman

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