Monday, November 28, 2011

Bon appétit mon chéri

~Of that my groin be hard in stout
between my legs in twain~
~In that of you I am aroused
 my seed be in of gain~
~Within my seed of fire burns
cooking in Au-juice~
~Seared by that be of my yearn
a meal prepared for you~
~Taste be that of your delight
bitter yet in sweet~
~In guarantee to satisfy
indulging of the meat~ 
~In dine you drop unto your knees
take between your lips~
~Suck in be intensively
drink the cumming spit~
~Not to fear if hunger looms
seconds will be served~
~Be that the seed of when in strewn
multiplies in stirred~
~Bon appétit enjoy your meal
satisfy your taste~
~Indulge in that be of the meat
no need to eat in haste~ 
Duke Sherman

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