Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Feed You Full Of Ecstasy

~One wish to be would be for me
make love to you all night~
~To feed you full of ecstasy
let that our blood unite~
~Kiss in touch your busting breast
your nipples in my mouth~
~Round areola be caress
with that my tongue about~
~Run down to that be of your mid
between your blushing thighs~
~Taste in that your dripping spit
and slip my tongue inside~
~Be that of nectar sweet in taste
be of the Gods adorned~
~To drink in that be not to waste
the sweet be that in warm~
~Lick your clit in masturbate
my fingers in be out~
~In that to be of stimulate
the cumming of the spout~
~Make you burn between your legs
and call my name in beg~
~Feel your jerk in squeezing pull
drink in unto my full~
~Have you take my throb in hand
the knob into your mouth~
~Squeeze be that my swollen gland
suck in be round about~
~To feel the pain be of my seed
cumming up the shaft~
~Take in of that my all secrete
empty out my sack~
~Lift you up around my waist
be penetrate inside~
~Feel your wet be warm encased
our flavors coincide~
~To feed you full of ecstasy
let that our blood unite~
~Be that to make my wish to be
come true be of the night~
Duke Sherman

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