Thursday, November 17, 2011


~My thought be that within my dream
be every night I sleep~
~I dream of us in Lover’s scheme
be that of flaming heat~
~A fire burns within my heart
in longing be my proud~
~In that be of my groin be hard
my seed be full in stout~
~My blood runs hot be that of lust
in magma burns my veins~
~I taste the scent be that of musk
engulfing me in flames~
~I see you walk in that of bounce
side to side in swing~
~Be that of thirst within my mouth
the taste of you within~
~So round be firming of your butt
your sweet in derriere~
~Between your legs be wet the cut
of sweet imbues the air~
~Of that your breast your nipples ride
protruding of your blouse~
~Be that my taste of running wild
my tongue within your mouth~
~A spark in that between us flies
be that desire of~
~In that of night we are to lie
of that in making love~
~Embraced in that be of a kiss
caressing of the breast~
~I drink of that your passion’s spit
breathe in your sweet of breath~
~I take my hand between your legs
of that be hot in wet~
~Slip my finger in of Love’s crave
be that of lust beget~
~You moan be groan in take you now
in fire’s rising flame~
~Be that my seed in ready sow
in cumming of the pain~
~I strip you naked kiss your length
in that be of caress~
~Inhale the sweet be loving scent
with that my every breath~
~I find my lust between your legs
dripping sweet be wet~
~Taste of that in of Love’s crave
your sweet in musky sweat~
~Bury my face within your thighs
my mouth the entrance of~
~Be that you jerk of side to side
my drinking of the love~
~You suck my hard into your mouth
my spawn be in your hand~
~Swallow down my load be stout
while squeezing of the gland~
~You drink of that my every drop
in violent lusting jerk~
~In that of beg say not to stop
your gushing be in squirt~
~I slip my finger your rounded butt
of that in entrance way~
~While drinking that my sweet of lust
in making pleasure play~
~You jerk you moan you scream my name
your time has come to be~
~With that of fire in burning flame
be that of ecstasy~
~In that the night be not done yet
the flame be in of zest~ 
~To penetrate your warm be wet
be that of sweet in bliss~
~My each and every night in sleep
be that in dream of lust~
~Make love be that be of my dream
be that the two of us~
Duke Sherman

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