Friday, November 4, 2011

Unto The Time Of End

~I lye awake be in the night
in thought of only you~
~I look to that be of my side
my heart be broke in two~
~You are in that my soulful sear
the essence of my heart~ 
~You be of there and I of here
so very far apart~
~So cold I am alone this bed
no one to hold and love~
~For you to lye beneath my spread
my all in wanting of~
~You are in that my every thought
be that of night and day~
~My every wish my every want
my lust in every way~
~I know not how nor even when
together we will be~
~But be it now or be it then
your place be here with me~
~You are in that my other half
the part that makes me whole~
~My Guiding light on Destiny’s path
the fire be my soul~
~I long to hold you in my arms 
in that of love’s embrace~
~Be that forever and a yarn
in that of interface~
~To never be alone again
unto the time of end~
Duke Sherman


  1. Absolutely beautiful !!!
    Thank you for sharing. (I have tears in my eyes)!

  2. Duke this is absolutely beautiful its so well written!! Your 1 of the most amazing poets and writers I've ever seen!!!