Friday, November 25, 2011

Feed The Hungered Beast

~Of that my soul be hunger burns
be that in sinful wish~
~Of that in burning of my yearn
to taste your sultry flesh~
~Drink of that within your thighs
of juices flowing sweet~
~Be that desires sinful prize
in winning of the treat~
~The fire burns into my blood
inflames my every being~
~My every thought in turns to lust
emotions overheating~
~Of that my loin be burning urge
of that in want to feed~
~Be of my groins in gushing surge
awake the silent beast~
~The beast be in of hungered pain
of that in tasting of~
~The wet be hot in burning flame
in that of making love~
~Within the belly of the beast
awaits in cumming spew~
~In that be burning of the seed
cooking be imbued~
~Of that to have you kiss the head
in that between your lips~
~Inhale be that the burning berath
in swallow of the spit~
~To feel the pain in sweet be of
cumming ecstasy~
~Of that be passion making love
in that my hunger be~
~To hold you tight in of the night
your body be in warmed~
~Wake in that of morning light
of love be that adorned~
~Make love to me ma seul chéri
In passion of the night~
~Feed this hungered cumming beast
in that of ecstacy~
Duke Sherman

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