Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forbidden Sin

~Be that of fire burns within
my soul unto my heart~
~In that be of forbidden sin
be lust your sacred ark~
~Drink in that the inner flow
of nectar running sweet~
~Soak in that the afterglow
devouring the treat~
~Taste in that your breast’s mystique
suck in rosen’s fruit~
~Round in of areola’s peak
caressing of induce~
 ~Penetrate that sacred place
be that my hard in thrust~
~Hold you be in of embrace
in satisfy my lust~
~Stand in that you drop your knees
my hard in of your mouth~
~In teasing be in of my seed
roust in cum be out~
~Like that of cone be full of cream
swallow down the load~
~With that your tongue in lick it clean
of that the melting flow~
~Take you like a mighty steed
of that your plumping rear~
~Make your ark in fire bleed
between your legs in sear~
~In that the end to take you in
embrace within my arms~
~Make that of love to you again
unto the coming dawn~
Duke Sherman

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