Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Love For You Is Like A Bloom


~My love for you is like a bloom
be of in flower grows~
~Be that in of the month of June
Spring be in her flow~
~In all you are you are to me
the rain that feeds the ground~
~Of that the roots beneath the trees
that keeps them standing strong~
~The purple mountain Majesties
of amber waves of grain~
~The warm be in of summer breeze
the sweet of sugarcane~
~Of that the Dawn be of the day
in Dusk be of the night~
~The cloud in cover be of shade
the stars in shining bright~
~Softer than the touch of new
beauty be the rose~
~Eyes of sky the color blue
in Heaven’s ever glow~
~Lips be tender sweet in kiss
warm in of embrace~
~Of that be in of total bliss
full and wide in grace~
~Be that the breath each season blows
begin unto the end~
~Of that in love eternal’s glow
you are my Heaven’s send~
~My wish upon a star come true
you are in that to me~
~My love for you is like a bloom
in of the flower be~
Duke Sherman

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